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 PC Video Capture Board Seen as First Step in Creating
 Enabling Technologies For True Multimedia-Ready PCs
 IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Workstation Technologies Inc. (WTI), a leading developer of digital video technology, and Motorola's Microprocessor and Memory Technologies Group (MMTG) introduced today The PC Video Capture Board, the first implementation of Motorola's MC44011 video chip set. The board will be demonstrated at COMDEX/Las Vegas next week in Motorola's Booth No. 1488 in the Main Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
 Motorola - WTI Partnership
 Motorola and WTI forged the partnership to jointly develop a new generation of multimedia devices for the desktop environment. The goal of the Motorola-WTI union is to accelerate the development of enabling technologies which will provide a foundation for bringing true multimedia applications to the business community. The alliance is based on WTI creating multimedia system implementations using Motorola semiconductor chips.
 "Motorola has always sought out progressive developers to generate prototype applications using our latest technologies," said Charles Mckay, computer strategic development manager of Motorola's MOS Digital-Analog IC Division. "We teamed with Workstation Technologies and provided them with early access to the MC44011 chip set because we view WTI as a leading edge innovator of applied multimedia technology."
 "The linkage was a natural progression for both companies," said Ash Jain, executive vice president of Workstation Technologies Inc. "Motorola is an ideal partner because they are very receptive to input on the semiconductor level. By working together and sharing our expertise, we can bring about an integration of silicon chip and multimedia applications."
 The PC Video Capture Board
 The PC Video Capture Board, which represents Motorola's initial foray into the multimedia market, converts incoming NTSC or PAL video signals into digital RGB format and displays them in real time in a resizable and movable video window. Individual frames can be captured, compressed and stored in a variety of different formats. The digitized image can then be decompressed and transferred into any number of application programs.
 "Workstation Technologies has designed an impressive application of Motorola's MC44011 chip set," Mckay stated. "The PC Video Capture Board is an excellent vehicle for demonstrating the video capabilities of our chips."
 Sources at both companies indicate that the PC Video Capture Board will be the foundation of an all-inclusive MPEG (motion compression) video board with 30-frame-per-second capabilities.
 "The majority of multimedia PCs offered by computer manufacturers only have the ability to playback video from CD-ROM. They do not necessarily have the capability to record digitized video," explained Jain. "Users want true multimedia personal computers that can both create and playback digitized video."
 Motorola will ship the PC Video Capture Board to OEMs and systems integrators beginning in January of 1993. The board's design schematics will also be available on request. However, Motorola predicts that most OEMs and systems integrators will want customized applications and will tap into WTI's expertise and ability to develop customized solutions based on the PC Video Capture Board.
 "The captive expertise among OEMs for developing multimedia technology is not widespread," according to Mckay. "It is a dynamic technology that requires experts such as WTI to maximize potential applications. We foresee specialized implementations of the PC Video Capture Board as being the basis of a new generation of multimedia PCs."
 Company Background
 Workstation Technologies Inc., founded in 1989, is a leader in the design of video and audio digitizing technology. From concept through technology integration and production, WTI develops board- level multimedia and video conferencing solutions. WTI, which is headquartered in Irvine, also provides digital video "building block" technology to system integrators, OEMs and large corporate users for creating innovative applications for PC and Macintosh platforms.
 Motorola's Microprocessor and Memory Technologies Group is part of the MOS Digital-Analog I.C. Division based in Austin, Texas, which is a business unit within the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector. With worldwide sales exceeding $3.6 billion in 1991, the Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector is the largest U.S.-based broad line supplier of semiconductors, with a balanced portfolio of more than 50,000 devices.
 -0- 11/12/92
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