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Mosaix, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOSX), Denver, Colo., has introduced Guide 2.0, the newest version of its powerful graphical scripting tool for developing effective telemarketing, collections and other call center campaigns. Guide 2.0 includes significantly expanded enterprise database support, extensive user interface enhancements and campaign design tools, and is Year 2000 compliant. With these new features, Guide 2.0 provides call center managers with powerful, flexible software for creating campaigns that maximize agent effectiveness, drive revenue, and increase customer loyalty.

"Guide 2.0 gives us the ability to create a direct link to our Intranet Based Information System without exiting the script," said Jordan Siegerman, Outbound Manager for Intuit's telesales group. "This helps our agents retrieve relevant information quicker than ever before, and with less margin for error."

Guide, a powerful software application for incoming call centers, is tightly integrated with the Mosaix(R) Call Management System for predictive dialing, and blended inbound and outbound call center applications. With Guide's real-time script maintenance, managers can create or modify script content on-line without IS intervention or vendor support.

"As with all of our call management offerings, the enhancements to Guide support our overall vision of effective customer relationship management, whether in a telesales situation or inbound customer support situation," said Ted Manakas Senior VP and General Manager of Mosaix's Call Management Systems Group. "With Guide 2.0, call center managers can create graphical, easy-to-follow scripts that can be tailored to handle any customer situation, without costly additional agent training."

Guide 2.0 New Features

Guide 2.0 includes expanded support for enterprise relational database systems, including those from Microsoft, Oracle, Informix, and Sybase.

Guide 2.0 features DataWindow Object technology, giving call center managers a powerful tool that supports sophisticated database interactions, including returning multiple rows from a single query, returning columns from multiple tables utilizing joins, and advanced display and editing capabilities.

Guide 2.0 also includes the ability to handle complex calculations. Through an easy-to-use interface, call center managers can make use of over 37 built-in functions and even create nested functions, much like you would expect to find in spreadsheet software. This feature enables call center managers to quickly and effortlessly develop powerful, complex formulas within call center scripts for activities like credit card authorization at the agent's desktop.

While maintaining the ease of use that is Guide's distinguishing characteristic, Guide 2.0 makes the power of free-form SQL queries available to advanced script designers. This feature greatly enhances the power and flexibility of the resulting scripts.

With Guide 2.0, call center managers can use different fonts, sizes, colors, and justification, giving their scripts far more visual appeal and thus enhancing agent effectiveness. Call center managers can even create text boxes that are linked to an enterprise data source. This makes it easy for managers to create scripts that automatically update the underlying data source when agents enter new or updated information into the text box.

Using Mosaix's Agent API, Guide allows campaign designers to create a GUI front-end application for the agent to interface with the Mosaix Call Management System. Guide can be used to display and update data from the Mosaix system calling list. Guide also enables the script designer to assign various Mosaix system agent features -- such as set recall, manual call, release line, etc. -- to any action object or toolbar button. This allows call center managers to control if and when these functions are available to an agent during the course of a call.

Pricing and Availability

Guide 2.0 pricing starts at $1,000 per agent workstation and $4,000 per Designer workstation. Guide 2.0 is available now.

About Mosaix, Inc.

Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., Mosaix, Inc. is a global provider of software and services that integrate front office and back office activities to automate and optimize an organization's interactions with its customers. These products, which include the Mosaix 5000 predictive dialing and blending platform, Guide call scripting, campaign management, performance management solutions, and the innovative Viewstar workflow applications, span the entire enterprise from the initial customer contact, through internal business processes, and ultimately to the successful conclusion of the transaction. By employing Mosaix's enterprise customer management solutions, companies are leveraging their customer relationships for competitive advantage. The company maintains a global services and support organization and a network of development, co-marketing, and strategic partnerships. For more information, visit Mosaix on the Web at http:/

For more information, call 425/558-8255.
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