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 Company's First Products Bring Electronic
 Commerce to Global Networks
 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Mosaic Communications Corp. today introduced the Mosaic NetScape(TM) network navigator and Mosaic NetSite(TM) server line, the first commercially robust software products for easily exchanging information and conducting commerce on the Internet. The new products bring secure communications, performance and support to companies and individuals who want to create or access information services on global networks.
 The introduction of the Mosaic NetScape and Mosaic NetSite online information exchange system comes just six months after James H. Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics, and Marc Andreessen, creator of the original NCSA Mosaic research prototype, founded Mosaic Communications Corp. The company's technical staff includes virtually the entire team of engineers who created Mosaic with Andreessen at the University of Illinois' National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) last year.
 "Mosaic has been an Internet phenomenon since Marc and his NCSA team released it as a research prototype in June 1993. In less than six months, that same team has built from the ground up commercial-caliber products based on the ideas behind this popular software, addressing the prototype's inherent limitations," said Clark, chairman and chief executive officer of Mosaic Communications. "By tapping into the talent and experience of this original team we am able to bring advanced products to market sooner than expected, enabling an immediate transition to commercial applications on the net."
 The Mosaic NetScape network navigator and Mosaic NetSite servers offer easy-to-use interfaces for serving and accessing multimedia information on the net, including formatted text, graphics, audio and video. They employ a hypertext linking system that lets users simply click on a word or image to retrieve information wherever it is located on the network. The products are fully compatible with existing versions of NCSA Mosaic, making customers' transitions to these commercial products simple.
 "We built our products from the ground up with a focus on two areas: integrating bulletproof security and delivering smooth performance over 14.4 kilobit/second modems," said Andreessen, Mosaic Communications' vice president of technology. "Through this focus, we both enable electronic commerce and make information services available to the broadest possible audience."
 Bringing Electronic Commerce To Consumers
 Designing its network navigation tools with the needs of personal computer users in mind, Mosaic Communications intends to make electronic commerce easily available to consumers in their homes.
 "Electronic commerce isn't about computer hackers on high bandwidth systems but rather ordinary consumers with dial-in access from their home PCs to a multitude of content and services," said Clark. "Enabling consumers to get easy access to private services on the Internet, the

world's largest public network -- and enabling information and service suppliers to connect to this global, electronic customer base -- is the ultimate goal of Mosaic Communications."
 In order to ensure that it addresses the requirements of consumers as well as content and information service providers, Mosaic Communications is working with companies that have expertise in these various market segments. "We are excited about the possibilities that Mosaic Communications' products bring to PC users," said Avram Miller, vice president of corporate business development at Intel. "It's precisely these kind of multimedia-rich applications that will take advantage of Pentium processor-based personal computers."
 Mosaic NetScape Network Navigator
 Available for all popular desktop environments, Mosaic NetScape is a powerful commercial reimplementation of the ideas behind the NCSA Mosaic prototype, using the same principles of point-and-click network navigation. It is optimized to run smoothly over 14.4 kilobit/second modem as well as higher bandwidth lines, offering performance that is at least 10 times that of the NCSA Mosaic prototype. Mosaic NetScape provides a common feature set and graphical user interface across computers running the Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, or X Window operating environments.
 Mosaic NetScape also delivers security features such as encryption and server authentication. It enables customers to take advantage of such commercial services as online publications, financial services and interactive shopping.
 Mosaic Communications' network navigator achieves its dramatic performance improvements through new capabilities such as:
 -- Continuous document streaming, enabling users to interact with documents while they are still being downloaded rather than waiting for the entire document to load;
 -- Multiple, simultaneous network accesses, allowing several documents or images to be downloaded simultaneously; and
 -- Native support for the JPEG image format.
 The first version of Mosaic NetScape will be available in October 1994.
 Mosaic NetSite Server Line
 The Mosaic NetSite server line -- aimed at corporations, publishers, information providers, service providers and retailers -- allows users to easily set up and maintain users for distributing information and conducting commercial operations on networks. Fully compatible with HTTP-based clients and servers, the new Mosaic NetSite line offers increased performance by reducing response times and making efficient use of available processor power and communications bandwidth. Available for UNIX based platforms, the line includes two products designed to meet customer requirements: the Mosaic NetSite Communications Server and the Mosaic NetSite Commerce Server.
 The Mosaic NetSite Communications Server is aimed at organizations that want to deliver non-secure multimedia content to various audiences, such as online marketing materials to existing and potential customers, customer support information, or other communications that do not require security. The server can be scaled to handle heavy loads or be extended to incorporate new features and functionality. It also provides intuitive, self-documenting configuration and management scripts for easy set-up.
 The Mosaic NetSite Commerce Server, in addition to offering the above features, enables secure commerce to be conducted over global networks. Mosaic Communications' incorporation of RSA Data Security technology provides encryption, which creates a secure channel to prevent anyone from tapping into the network; and authentication, which uses a digital signature to verify the legitimacy of the server. The Mosaic NetSite Commerce Server is designed for online transactions and

electronic data exchange, enabling users to feel secure sending sensitive documents over networks.
 The Mosaic NetSite Communications Server will be available in October 1994, with a list price of $5,000. It will be available for a promotional price of $1,495 through the end of the year. The Mosaic NetSite Commerce Server will be available in November 1994, with a base price of $25,000. Additional functionality for the new servers will be available in 1995.
 Mosaic Communications Corp. is a premier provider of open software to enable people and companies to exchange information and conduct commerce over the Internet and other global networks. The company was founded in April 1994 by Dr. James H. Clark, founder of Silicon Graphics Inc., a Fortune 500 computer systems company; and Marc Andreessen, creator of the NCSA Mosaic research prototype for the Internet. Privately held, Mosaic Communications Corp. is based in Mountain View.
 Additional information on Mosaic Communications Corp. is available on the Internet at or by calling 800-NETSITE.
 Mosaic Communication, the Mosaic Communications logo, Mosaic NetSite and Mosaic NetScape are trademarks of Mosaic Communications Corp. All other product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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