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MOROCCO - Aug. 11 - Cabinet Reshuffle Urged.

Al Adala Wal Tanmiya, an opposition Islamist party urges Socialist PM Abderrahmane El Youssoufi to reshuffle his cabinet to speed up social and economic reform. The group says in a letter: "We call for a reshuffle of the government through a reduction of ministerial portfolios, a choice of honest ministers and a clear economic and social programme in line with the Islamic Sharia". (The group, which has 12 members in parliament, had refused to join Youssoufi's cabinet, appointed by late King Hassan in Mar. 1998.) It says: "Despite our non-participation, we supported the cabinet's policy in order to consolidate Morocco's stability and reinforce the state of law". The group criticises what it describes as the inflated number of ministerial portfolios, which it says had contributed to the cabinet's inefficiency. (The 43 portfolios are shared by a 7-party coalition led by the Socialists in an attempt by the late monarch to bring in radical left-wing opposition groups. Speculation has been rife in the local media that a cabinet shake-up is imminent, especially after King Mohammed urged the government to speed up reforms in a speech in July marking the anniversary of his enthronement.) The group says: "Morocco has inaugurated with the Commander of the Faithful King Mohammed a new era based on reforms and solidarity. But the clear failure of the government to follow the king's instructions over reforms has disappointed even its members".
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Date:Aug 12, 2000
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