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* sing breast X-rays or ultrasound, a radiologist places a sterile, thin wire into the lump so that the surgeon can excise the correct tissue.

When an incisional biopsy is done, the same procedure is used, but only part of the lump is removed.

After the biopsy specimen is obtained, a pathologist will analyse it and prepare a report documenting the findings.

THE last consignment of computers has been loaded and Miles is in the office with Agnes, checking through the final paperwork.

The lights blink, fail, re-ignite as the generator cuts in from the basement. A puff of smoke drifts past the window.

There is load-shedding on the national grid so they have electricity one day - if they're lucky - and none the next.

He notices a dark scar on Agnes' arm and wants to ask her how she got it, but a personal question is unthinkable.

He asks her to re-confirm his flight for tomorrow. He sends Carol a quick email to say he'll be home soon.

He's using web mail and sometimes he forgets to save a copy of his own messages. He wonders how many have gone astray. What happens to lost emails? He imagines them shrivelling like salted slugs.

He thinks about his garden, the rows of bean canes, the line of beetroot he needs to pull, the half dozen pumpkins, the mess in the shed he promised to sort out.

When he goes out for lunch the boda-boda drivers wave as usual and he dismisses them as usual.

He thinks about Carol back there in the cold. Here, the sun is almost overhead. Its heat is brutal on his thinning scalp.

He's left his bush hat in the hotel and walks in shadow as much as possible.

When he nears the caf, a small boy approaches him with his hand held out. Miles has no change.

He stoops down to the boy.

"Wait for me and I will bring change."

The boy looks at him blankly.

Maybe he doesn't know what change is. Maybe he doesn't understand Miles' northern English accent.

* Touch by Graham Mort is published by Seren at pounds 7.99 > CONTINUES TOMORROW
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 6, 2012
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