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Byline: Alun Trevor

It finished fortissimo on a high note: Just because dear I love you. We played it again. 'Open the door... open it wide...' said Mam, elated. 'Turn the horn towards the door so that Dad can be heard right across to Hope Mountain. Let them hear in Tir-Paenau and Tri-Thy!' 'Top G,' said Arthur at the final note.

The Songbird is Singing by Alun TrevorS 'You're right. "Do not slur. Optional ending."' I had the music copy again. I turned back to the beginning, this time concentrating on the words (by Helen Hindson and Margaret Ringgold), reading them all the way through: Dawn of Love (Dedicated to the HY-EECH-KA Club of Tulsa) I'm living o' er the mem' ries Of my childhood days now gone... The mem'ries ever dear to me, While the years go rolling on.

They passed me by as swiftly As the grey clouds drift above.

And then came life's awakening, 'Twas the Dawn, the Dawn of Love. I want you in the morning When the dawn comes stealing in; I want you at the noontide, 'Mid the bustle and the din.

I want you in the evening When the sun sinks in the west, I want you in the night time When the whole world is at rest.

I want you when I'm happy And when I'm lonely too, I want you ev'ry moment Just because dear, I love you.

Before long Arthur had picked up words and music from the record, and was singing it sitting at the top of the stairs, an addition to his repertoire, alongside I Sing as the Songbird is Singing.

'Let's have it again and again,' said Mam.

When Mam was busy out of doors and the sun was shining, her powerful soprano voice rang out.

I'll warrant they really heard her a mile away on Hope Mountain in Tir-Paenau and Tri-Thy. Especially on that final ('Do not slur') top G.

The Songbird is Singing by Alun Trevor is published by Parthian, priced at pounds 9.99.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 22, 2010
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