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Guruvaktra-sthitam brahma
                                prapyate tatprasadatah,
Her tongue tells all
                       I need to know / unties all I want,
                            and what I want is not thought
                            not intuition not negation
   Any cord can be a noose //
   Any cord can be the thread
   I wear around my shoulder
   that signifies inheritance
   my privilege / my brahminhood /
   an oppressor's pageantry //
   In the ceremony / Pandit Ji
   asks me to flip the sacred
   from shoulder to shoulder
   nine times / signifying something
   lost in hours of solitary puja //
   I wear this sash at the Maumee
   River / scatter dust with flowers
   and rice // Strangers gaze at brown
   banks // He chants // I close ears /
   smell memory's breath
   turmeric in warm milk // Mothers know
   how to heal / even if exiled
   to be imagined // I hear mine in my head
   four requests / Embrace Let go
Stop Act
   The first contradicts Uncle's be a man
no tears
 / even though my eyes cannot
   let go / his tongue /
   tissue rigored out from cylinder /
   a caught fish stopped / mid-flop
   I cannot shake the mangled tongue //
   Image arrests like jasmine
   scent in hair / try and wash it
   away / try and wash and
   fail / at last watch / remains
   of tree and man float gray in brown
   water flanked by white flowers
   sweet petals sinking
   with all these grains drying / the river //
   Bapu's ash brushes onto the berm /
   I wonder how anyone
   arrives to ocean / without a thread
                                   what I want is not a what
                        here at language's limits / it flickers
                                           a tongue living
guror-dhyanam sada kuryat
                                   kulastrl svapateryatha.
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Title Annotation:Poetry
Author:Vyas, Rushi
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2019
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