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Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems has expanded its software and administrative support platform in an effort to increase the legal and business support services it offers to attorneys nationwide. The Legal Assistance Program (LAP) is a platform that supports attorneys who offer their clients an array of legal services (i.e., reviewing legal documents, drafting simple legal documents, etc.) for a flat monthly retainer. LAP is offered by the attorneys at a fraction of the cost most attorneys would normally charge clients.

"Consumers will be able to have access to their attorney for services such as drafting or reviewing business documents, writing legal correspondences, providing advice on small claim matters, drafting wills, power of attorney, healthcare directives, and more," says Susan Muzila, Morgan Drexen's Director of Strategic Planning.

Attorneys providing LAP will allow struggling consumers access to legal assistance at a reduced cost. "With normal attorney fees ranging upwards of $200.00 an hour, it can become cost-prohibitive for the average American to hire an attorney. Through LAP, consumers can now have access to affordable legal services with experienced attorneys," says CEO and Founder Walter Ledda.

"The attorneys have had such great success utilizing Morgan Drexen's current platform that their clients have expressed a desire for additional services. As such, the attorneys approached Morgan Drexen requesting that the company expand its software and administrative support to other legal practice areas," says Muzila.

"Our attorneys' input means a great deal to us, so we reviewed our platform to identify where we could support the attorneys' enhanced services. Utilizing LAP, the attorneys who hire Morgan Drexen can continue to provide discounted legal services to their clients."

Attorneys and small businesses that use Morgan Drexen's services have benefited from the increased support now offered by the Costa Mesa-based company. Earlier this year, the company began offering to attorneys an expansion of its bankruptcy-support services by creating the "Automated Bankruptcy Module," or "ABM," software, which can be utilized by attorneys when preparing bankruptcy petitions.

In addition, over the past year, the company has launched numerous other products to increase the efficiencies of businesses nationwide. Morgan Drexen provides administrative support services and software solutions. Utilizing the company's propriety software, Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems (MDIS), businesses are empowered to securely and efficiently manage their files.

With the launch of LAP, additional system enhancements have been made to MDIS. Among the many system enhancements, MDIS now allows attorneys who offer low cost legal services to their clients access to updated contracts through automation, allowing the attorneys to clearly identify the needs of their clients.

For more information, visit or call 800/868-1458 x212.
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Date:Jul 1, 2013

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