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MONDAY HIGH NOON C4 1PM On the day of marshal Gary Cooper's wedding to Grace Kelly, the town turns its back at news of approaching gunmen. Guitar-strummed score in rigidly structured Western classic, read by some as political allegory. (Cert u, 1952) .....

The Punisher C5 10PM Thomas Jane as Marvel's blackhearted comic book hero Frank Castle - judge, jury and executioner after his family's wiped out by Florida Mob boss John Travolta. An alarmingly slick action flick - it shoots, it scores. (Cert 18, 2004) ...

10PM SMMG hOuse OF FLYING DAGGERS sky Movies Modern Greats 10PM Fearless blind girl Zhang Ziyi (above) plays Tang Dynasty spy games. Was there ever an action picture so elegant and graceful? Vibrant yet serious. (Cert 15, 2004) ..... BREATHLESS Film4 11.10PM PREMIERE Mob enforcer Yang Ik-joon enjoys his work. Until his life is changed by feisty schoolgirl Kim Kot-bi.

Another memorable wild card from the weird and wonderful world of Korean cinema. (Cert 18, 2008) ....
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 2, 2013
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