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MONDAY Pick of the day.

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, Sky Movies 4, 5.45pm (2004) (PG) The Bard's famous, dark comedy is given the big-screen treatment by director Michael Radford. Al Pacino puts in a subtle and controlled performance as moneylender Shylock, with Jeremy Irons as Antonio.

DANCING AT LUGHNASA, Film4, 7.15pm (1998) (PG) Slowpaced drama adaptated from the acclaimed stage play, chronicling the lives of five unmarried sisters in Thirties Ireland, whose world is turned upside down by the arrival of their missionary brother. Michael Gambon, Meryl Streep, Catherine McCormack, Kathy Burke and Sophie Thompson co-star.

COURAGE UNDER FIRE, Sky Movies 4, 8.00pm (1996) (15) Meg Ryan stars in this promising but ultimately rather predictable drama about a female helicopter pilot killed in the 1990 Gulf War. Denzel Washington plays the American military official who investigates her death to decide whether she deserves a posthumous Medal of Honour.

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN, Sky Cinema 1, 8.00pm (1972) (15) Paul Newman plays a self-appointed judge trying to keep law and order in a small town. Fact-based tongue-in-cheek Western that just goes on for a bit too long, with an all-star cast also including Ava Gardner, Stacy Keach, Jacqueline Bisset, Anthony Perkins, John Huston and Roddy McDowall.

VANILLA SKY, Film4, 9.00pm (2001) (15) The laid-back lifestyle of an arrogant New York playboy is shattered when an unstable old flame discovers he's fallen for another woman. She exacts revenge by driving off a bridge with him in the car - and although he survives, he struggles to put his life back together. Psychological thriller, starring Tom Cruise.

ARMY OF DARKNESS, Sky Cinema 2, 9.00pm (1992) (18) Bruce Campbell returns as chainsawwielding Evil Dead hero Ash, drawn back in time to a medieval land where he comes into conflict with blood-crazed zombies and is assigned to recover a book with supernatural powers. Spoof horror sequel, with Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert and Ian Abercrombie.

PAYBACK, Sky Movies 4, 10.00pm (1999) (18) Small-time crook Mel Gibson takes on the might of organised crime single-handed in pursuit of money he is owed by a double-crossing partner allied to the Mob. Violent thriller based on Richard Stark's novel The Hunter, which also formed the basis of Lee Marvin's classic Sixties revenge drama Point Blank.


Vanilla Sky, Film4 (9.00pm)
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