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6:00 am-7:00 am

Fitness Bootcamp

Don't leave your fitness routine at home! Join fellow Convention attendees for a fun workout providing unique exercises in a group setting. All levels of experience are welcome! The Fitnes Bootcamp is complimentary to the first 45 fully registered Convention attendees to sign up.

10:15 am-11:30 am

Monday Morning Learning Labs

Programming for breakout sessions are identified by area of focus, and content will be delivered in a variety of formats including panel discussions, case studies, and audience exercises.

Emerging Franchisor Track

Profitability and Success: Developing a Best-in-Class Program with Systems

(This session is most relevant to systems with 0 - 100 units.)

Profitability of the brand is a key to attracting targeted franchisees. Emerging franchisors have choices to make when structuring their brand to deliver the proper return on investment for both the franchisor and franchisee.

In this interactive format which will include audience participation and questions, we will explore:

* How to design, develop and support a modern franchise system that drives profitability.

* How to define the needs of the various classes of franchisees.

* What are the key learnings to support each class of franchisee in order to best leverage the brand's system resources to drive profitability?

* What are the best approaches to distinguish the franchise offering in marketing materials so that it will be attractive to the intended audience, and what methods are effective in creating a pipeline of potential franchisee candidates?

Field Support Track

Keeping Long-Term Franchisees Motivated and Engaged: What to Do When They Say "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" How to Make Year 20 as Exciting as Year 1!

(This session is most relevant to systems with 101+ units.)

Time doesn't heal all wounds...Sometimes it creates them. Discussions will center around motivating long-term franchisees in the following areas:

* Engaging mature franchisees who have mastered your system, are making money and feel that they no longer get "value" from the franchisor.

* Re-aligning with a franchisee that has outgrown the support provided by the franchisor; what happens when the franchisee feels they no longer need the franchisor? Learn to do and how to do it.

* Merger or acquisition with new leadership; seasoned leadership that may need revamping. Bring your concerns and your solutions!

1. How Franchisors Can Attract Multi-Unit Franchisees to Their Brands

(This session is most relevant to systems with 101+ units.)

The type of franchisee every franchisor seems to want is a multi-unit franchisee. But how do franchisors attract these business savvy entrepreneurs? And where do experienced multi-unit franchisees seek out new brands? Is it online, in magazines, through personal experience with a brand, media coverage, trade shows, personal references--all of the above?

What due diligence have multi-unit, multi-brand franchisees conducted prior to even reaching out to the franchisor? Brand power, strong C-Suite, profitable franchisees, satisfied customers, healthy FPRs, strength in locations, market share? How do they expect a franchisor to respond to their interest and inquiry? To respond like any other inquiry, to alter their sales approach and provide special consideration, to talk to a C-Suite executive early in the process? What do multi-unit franchisees look for from the brand when they do connect with a franchisor?

Franchisors who have been recruiting this desired target group will share their experiences and what it really takes to attract and recruit experience franchisees.

2. LinkedIn Lead Gen Workshop: Learn How to Consistently Generate Franchise Prospect Leads Through the World's Largest Professional Network

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

In this in-depth workshop, you will finally learn how to find, attract and market to your ideal franchise prospects on LinkedIn. Here's what you'll learn:

* How to Identify your ideal audience on LinkedIn.

* The 5 different organic and paid methods to target your audience.

* What you should say in our ads and posts to attract your ideal audience.

* How much of your budget to allocate toward LinkedIn.

By the end of this workshop, attendees with have an actionable LinkedIn lead generation strategy that fits their budget, current size, and unit growth goals.

3. Raising the Value of Your Franchise Through a Well-Executed Resale Program: 5 Critical Ways to Leverage Franchise Transfers to Increase a Brand's Reach, Financial Performance and Development Goals

(This session is most relevant to systems with 250+ units.)

A well-executed franchise transfer program can increase the value of the franchisor in five critical ways:

1. Attracting new candidates who will not only acquire existing units but also sign development agreements to grow additional stores.

2. Raise the "after-market" or resale value of franchise units.

3. Bring new capital to tired units as they transfer and refresh the locations to the current standards

4. Raise AUV as older stores transition to new, energized owners who will embrace the latest franchise strategies and raise sales in underperforming or aging units.

5. Provide existing franchisees with assurances that they are building a valuable, transferrable asset.

Franchise resales for mature brands can represent up to 8% to 10% of their sales each year. How is your franchise development team handling the process? Do you have a well thought-out plan to handle franchise resales? The value of a franchise can be impacted directly by their approach to the resale market which exists in every brand. This dynamic workshop will introduce strategies to raise your franchise value through a well-executed franchise resale program.

Franchisee/Operator Track

Building Trust and Engagement with Your Franchisees

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.) Developed by the Franchise Relations Committee

There is strong evidence that engagement and business performance are closely linked. In this interactive session, we'll explore key strategies for building trust and engagement within your franchise network. You'll hear first-hand from our panelists on how they structure their franchise relationships for optimum success, and you'll learn tactical advice on the fundamentals of building trust, communication strategies, and how to re-engage franchisees that have gotten off track.

International Track

Creating Efficiency Models to Improve Profitability in Your Units

Developed by the Franchisee Forum

Discover how other franchisees in multiple industries maximize labor/scheduling and time efficiencies across their company. Franchisees will share tactics they implemented in their units including training managers and aligning incentives to boost productivity and expand profitability. In addition, you will learn how they improved performance, tracked and shared results with their teams.

Roundtables on International Franchising

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.) Developed by the International Committee

Participants will discuss some of the most relevant, pressing issues facing franchise companies growing internationally. The program will feature ten roundtables.

Marketing & Innovation Track

1. Online Reputation Management--A Process

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

This course will teach franchisors and franchisees how to identify common themes and situations that lead to positive and negative online reviews. Attendees will leave empowered to cultivate an environment that fosters new testimonials as well as a company policy on how to address all online reviews.

2. Beyond the Buzzwords: Opportunities in Al, Facial Recognition, Machine Learning

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

Operations Track

Implementing System-Wide Standards to Improve Performance

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

This session will address how to develop and establish standards (both new standards and improvements to existing standards) that will have a direct impact on unit-level performance, as well as how to implement those standards system-wide. Drawing from a panel of experts with real world experience, the session will cover actual examples of brands who successfully implemented system-wide standards. This best practices discussion will include developing a sufficient description and specificity of standards, communication and roll-out of the standards, including training, consulting and guidance to operators. Best practices to entice buy-in and incent compliance, as well as enforcing the standards consistently will be discussed.

General Track

1. Enhancing Brand Growth by Leveraging Effective Partners

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

Developed by the Supplier Forum Advisory Board Committee

Franchising has been appropriately described as a three-legged stool: Franchisor, Franchisee and Supplier Partners. As a franchisor you must constantly work on keeping balance in your system. This session will offer insight on how to effectively leverage external resources to take your system to the next level. Specific areas to be covered are:

* When to outsource vs. insource.

* What makes for a great supplier/partner relationship?

* Is your stage of growth a factor here- i.e. different for an organization with 10 or 150 locations?

* Key issues in defining your relationship with your outside supplier.

2. Mother Nature's Wrath: How to Protect Your Business from the Growing Threat of Imminent and Destructive Weather Events

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

With increasingly dramatic weather events such as hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes happening all over the world today, businesses are being forced to put precautions in place to protect their systems from catastrophic impact. In this informative and eye-opening session, weather experts and franchise owners personally affected by a weather event will share why weather patterns are changing at such a rapid rate, what we can expect in the future, and lessons learned about how businesses can shore up and protect themselves when bad weather hits before they see a decline in sales due to short-term closures, or even worse, complete destruction of store locations. Franchisors and franchisees will both benefit from this session focused on delivering real-world insights, risk management practices and cutting-edge strategies to help safeguard franchise operations against whatever Mother Nature has in store.

3. Navigating AB5: What Franchisors and Franchisees Need to Know Right Now

(This session is relevant to all system sizes.)

California's codification of Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles (California Assembly Bill 5 ("AB 5")) is a potential game changer in the franchise community. Dynamex sets forth a three-part test in which all elements must be satisfied in order for a worker to be deemed an independent contractor instead of an employee. While it is not clear that Dynamex applies to franchising, given that the franchise industry did not receive an exemption from the law (despite industry's best efforts). Franchisors and franchisees must consider the potential legal and business impacts of this bill on their businesses. This session will discuss the potential impact of AB5 on both franchisors and franchisees, consider what steps each should take to protect themselves from liability under the statute and review potential new bills being proposed in other statehouses.

Monday Highlights continued

3:00 pm-4:45 pm

Business Solution Roundtables

Don't miss this unique opportunity to sit down at a roundtable of 10-12 people and exchange ideas, challenges, solutions and best practices with some of franchising's most accomplished executives and IFA Supplier Forum members. Pose questions and listen to their success stories, lessons learned and innovative business solutions. Discussion topics include such issues as franchise sales, franchisee engagement, operations, legal issues, branding, technology and more! During Monday's session, multiple tables under each topic track will be designated "Ask the..." where you will have the opportunity to discuss a tailored issue that you are currently facing with an experienced franchise professional. Many attendees say that the Business Solution Roundtables are the most valuable and rewarding sessions offered at the Convention, so don't miss your chance to learn from franchise visionaries and thought leaders!

The roundtables will also be conducted over breakfast on Tuesday, February 11 from 8:00 am-9:45 am.

8:00 pm-11:00 pm

The Bash

Join us Monday evening for franchising's night out at The Bash! Network and mingle with fellow Convention attendees at the last, official networking event of IFA 2020. This must-attend party will be held on the Marriott World Center's expansive outdoor pool deck and lawn! At The Bash, you can relax, wind-down, challenge your colleagues to a game of Ping-Pong or Foosball and connect with old friends while also forging new relationships. You can't afford to miss the franchise party of the year!

"Attending IFAs Convention has afforded me lifelong friends, industry networking that I could have never achieved through other means, education that has been invaluable to progress my career and not to mention a fun environment from beginning to end."

-Lynette McKee, CFE, CEO & Managing Partner, McKeeCo
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