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 FALL RIVER, Mass., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Molten Metal Technology (NASDAQ: MLTN) officially opened its $15 million Recycling-Research and Development (R&D) Facility here today. This event marks the facility's commencement of commercial-scale demonstration of Catalytic Extraction Processing (CEP), Molten Metal Technology's breakthrough technology for recycling hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.
 This state-of-the-art Recycling-R&D Facility houses seven CEP systems, the largest of which is a commercial-scale prototype capable of recycling up to two tons of waste per hour. The company has received permits that allow these CEP systems to demonstrate recycling of a wide array of industrial, government, and post-consumer wastes. The facility was presented today for an audience of over 1,000 people, including leaders from government, industry, and academia.
 "This facility opening represents a cornerstone achievement in the commercialization of CEP. Regulators, communities, and industrial firms now have the opportunity to demonstrate CEP's application for 'real world' wastes," noted William M. Haney, III, president of Molten Metal Technology. The facility's successful demonstration of CEP's recycling capabilities should accelerate the commercial implementation of this technology for the U.S. government, and the chemical, petroleum, metals, and commercial waste industries.
 Molten Metal Technology hosted many renowned speakers at its Grand Opening ceremony, with invitees including:
 -- Maurice F. Strong Secretary General of the 1992 Rio Earth
 Summit, chairman of Ontario Hydro, and director of Molten Metal
 -- Thomas P. Grumbly Assistant secretary for Environmental
 Restoration and Waste Management, U.S. Department of Energy
 -- William M. Haney, III President and CEO of Molten Metal
 -- William F. Weld Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;
 -- Senator John F. Kerry U.S. Senator (D-MA); U.S. President of
 Globe (Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced
 -- Senator John H. Chafee U.S. Senator (R-RI); senior minority
 member of the Senate Committee for the Environment and Public
 -- Rep. Barney Frank U.S. Representative (D-MA), 4th Congressional
 The speakers discussed CEP in the context of environmental solutions, with Maurice Strong focusing on the role of CEP's potential national and international impact and Thomas Grumbly, who is responsible for DOE's $6+ billion annual environmental budget, outlining DOE's proposed uses for CEP. DOE is funding programs to fast-track the demonstration of CEP for DOE applications. "We are committed to working in partnership with Molten Metal Technology so that CEP's potentially broad applications can be demonstrated at the earliest possible opportunity," Grumbly said. The comments of these speakers reflect the international, national, and local government endorsement of innovative environmental technologies like CEP.
 "I see country after country, throughout the world, grappling today with the same kind of waste disposal problems that have challenged us for decades in North America. With its broad applicability, CEP has the potential to literally revolutionize our ability to deal with toxic wastes, and that is central to the future of our civilization," said Maurice Strong, secretary general of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. "CEP is one of the most important and promising contributions to realizing the objectives of Rio," he added.
 Molten Metal Technology (NASDAQ: MLTN) is an environmental technology company commercializing a breakthrough proprietary recycling and pollution prevention technology known as Catalytic Extraction Processing (CEP). CEP makes valuable products from wastes by dissolving them in a molten metal bath. Broadly applicable to a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, CEP has the potential to eliminate the world's dependence on landfilling and incineration.
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