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Moldflow Corporation, Lexington, MA, has introduced Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI). MPI is an integrated suite of CAE analysis software that makes it possible for plastic part design, mold design, and machine processing conditions to be optimized during the design stage, saving time and money. MPI replaces Moldflow's Dynamic Series, a product that has set the standard for plastics CAE simulation software since the inception of this market.

"The easy-to-use environment, analysis modules, and innovative features such as report generation in MPI are terrific," stated Pat Cavlovich, CAE engineer of Hewlett Packard. "There is nothing else on the market that is so completely integrated and accurate. Moldflow has really hit a homerun with this product, and we are looking to use it on every part we design."

To develop MPI, Moldflow took the most comprehensive plastics CAE analysis product available and improved upon it to include such features as: a fully integrated and consistent environment for midplane, FUSION and 3D tetrahedral meshes, intelligent analysis wizards, automated cavity and runner layout tools, new graphical materials manager and web-based communications capabilities.

"The many new features of MPI were developed as a result of direct input from Moldflow users," stated Marc Dulude, president of Moldflow. "Taking this user-driven approach has produced an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool that is loaded with 'wish-list' features that the industry has told us would make their overall analysis efforts more rapid, usable, and accurate."

Moldflow Plastics Insight incorporates the following major features and benefits to enhance usability:

A new easy-to-use windows-based, drag and drop environment for quick and intuitive in-depth injection-molded plastic part analysis. The broadest integration of design geometry in the plastics CAE industry. MPI is the only plastics CAE analysis product available that will work with all types of models, including complex wire frame or midplane models, thin- walled solids, as well as thick-walled parts that have no midplane representation.

New, easy-to-use wizards for fast model importing, analysis, and reporting.

Customizable, internet-ready reports that allow users to easily and quickly communicate analysis findings. Users can also add their own notes, plots, graphs, and animations to more effectively explain their findings.

Enhanced warpage functionality improves accuracy of warpage predictions and broadens the range to allow part warpage analysis for any material, provides automatic model constraining, as well as improved simulation of geometry with asymmetric features using a unique offset attribute.

New MPI/COOL3D mold cooling simulation for thick solids ensures optimum cycle times are achieved by assessing the impact of your mold design for thick parts.

Automated multi-cavity and runner tools make it possible to quickly prepare, modify, and analyze single and multi-cavity molds complete with sprue, runners, and gates. New graphical materials manager includes a database editor and a powerful multi-level search engine to ensure you find the right material grade for the part. Users can easily create, copy, import and modify material data, as well as visually compare viscosity and PVT data and fit raw viscosity data within personal databases.

In addition, Moldflow has included over 200 new user-requested enhancements, making this the biggest product launch in Moldflow's history.

MPI is the centerpiece of Moldflow's Process Wide Plastics Simulation, a system that facilitates seamless communication between all of the key players in the plastics design-to-manufacture process. The Moldflow Process Wide Plastics Simulation system is comprised of three product families, each seamlessly linked to provide a unique solution that makes users more profitable by eliminating wasted time and costly errors. The three product families are the following:

1. Moldflow Plastics Advisers (MPA) Provides a quick and easy check of mold and part manufacturability.

2. Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) For a complete, in-depth analysis.

3. Moldflow Plastics Xpert (MPX) Moldflow's expertise heads out to the production floor and ensures that the injection molding machines are producing the parts at their peak level.

"MPI extends the process-wide simulation solution for the plastics industry," states Dulude. "With Moldflow's complete suite of products, it is possible to simulate and control the entire plastics part design-to-manufacture process. Companies adopting this system have obtained a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace."

About Moldflow

Moldflow, founded in 1978, is the world leader in Process Wide Plastics Simulation software used by designers and manufacturers to produce optimal injection-molded plastic parts. Moldflow's complete suite of CAE simulation products provide the tools that allow companies to address plastic part design and manufacturing issues at the earliest possible stage to eliminate problems and costly downtime on the manufacturing floor. As the plastics product design and manufacturing industry becomes increasingly competitive, Moldflow continues to provide solutions that maximize productivity and profitability. Visit our website at

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