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MOLDAVITE is dark green, often glassy and a very powerful stone because it cleanses all the chakras. A mysterious stone of great power that is believed to have fallen from the sky, it connects its wearer to other dimensions.

It has been used since Stone Age as a talisman for good fortune and fertility. It can set you up for communication with your higher self and extra- terrestrials. It has its own cosmic ' over soul' ( to use an expression first popularised by Ralph Waldo Emerson to explain the mystery of the soul) and cosmic messengers.

The strong vibration emanating from the stone clears up blockages and aligns the chakras. It helps integrate you with the divine blueprint and aids spiritual growth.

Moldavite resonates with the crown chakra, opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance.

It can be used to heal sensitive people who find it difficult to come to terms with human suffering and negative emotions. It can also be combined with Hematite and Smoky Quartz to hasten the process of healing.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Jul 22, 2012
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