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MODCOMP announces ViewMax 2000, a revolutionary electronic commerce product allowing telesales and call ordering centers to automate in new ways.


Getting down to business on the Web, through existing systems

MODCOMP has developed ViewMax 2000, a revolutionary new electronic commerce product that allows companies to broaden their legacy systems' capabilities -- expanding the sales and ordering process on the Internet.

ViewMax 2000 enables companies to improve their customer service while streamlining their sales and ordering process by allowing customers (dealers, resellers, or end consumers) to place, confirm and track orders directly over an Intranet or the Internet.

ViewMax 2000 provides significant improvements over other on-line trading systems -- it is dynamic and user-friendly. ViewMax 2000 simultaneously merges multimedia content with information retrieved from existing mainframe application screens. It then generates standard web pages and user input forms. A customer with an appropriate ID and password uses a standard web browser to access the company's databases. The company controls who can access the business system, and what information they are privy to. Customers enjoy immediate results, such as confirming product availability, placing orders, receiving instant transaction confirmation, and checking order status.

ViewMax 2000 eliminates the need to modify current Information Technology (IT) systems, by using Java(tm) scripting and Internet technology to emulate "dumb terminal" sessions. This solution rides on top of current systems. Depending on the company's needs, it allows users to access business information and make complete business transactions on LAN or WAN-based Intranets or on the Internet. ViewMax 2000 creates a secure, user-friendly interface that allows controlled access to information and electronic business transactions.

"ViewMax 2000 uses today's Internet technology to unleash the potential of legacy systems, the backbones of many organizations, transforming them into accessible information/transaction assets," stated John P. Clary, president and CEO of MODCOMP. "Most companies cannot replace existing systems in order to embrace emerging business technologies. MODCOMP recognizes this and provides an alternate, viable solution. ViewMax 2000 enables installed, legacy systems to effectively increase business opportunity, efficiency, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line."

MODCOMP used its considerable experience in networking, on-line reservations and transaction processing systems to develop ViewMax 2000. ViewMax 2000 enables companies to quickly and easily integrate their existing IT infrastructure with the WWW. It enhances local `green screens' to create an on-line trading service, using an existing mainframe application. This can be applied to any industry. It can be a straightforward replacement for expensive proprietary commercial electronic applications, whether residing on front-end network servers or the mainframe itself. The largest market will be organizations wishing to automate their telesales, help desk and order-processing operations.

The ViewMax 2000 platform includes a Sun(tm) SPARCserver(tm) web server, running Solaris(tm) software environment, ViewMax 2000 Java Configuration Tool for host connectivity and screen mapping. It offers an optional firewall system, for organizations wanting to expand their systems through the public Internet.

Company Background

Founded in 1970, MODCOMP has supplied high performance, real-time computer systems, products and services for mission-critical applications, such as government/aerospace, communications, and industrial automation, to customers worldwide. MODCOMP systems are found in exceptionally critical and demanding applications, where reliability and real-time performance are essential. A broad range of leading industrial and government organizations have chosen MODCOMP for their real-time applications. These range from tracking and receiving data from deep space probes, to supervisory control of electrical distribution networks for power companies.

MODCOMP develops leading edge hardware, software and application products to provide the best real-time interactive solutions for its customers. MODCOMP delivers state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive, flexible and around-the-clock support services. MODCOMP's worldwide field service organization provides total support for installation and commissioning, remedial maintenance, training, project management and extensive application support services. Visit our web site at -0-

CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: MODCOMP, 1650 West McNab Road, P.O. Box 6099, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-1088, USA, Tel: 954/974-1380, Fax: 954/977-1900, E-mail:, Internet:

INTERNET PRODUCTS GROUP, U.K. OPERATIONS: MODCOMP, Centennial Court, Easthampstead Rd., Bracknell, Berks RG12 1YQ, England, Tel: +44 1344 484400, Fax: +44 1344 484333, E-mail:, Internet:

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Date:Nov 22, 1996
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