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MOD admits it was a Navy sub that nearly sank trawler.

Byline: BEN GLAZE Political Correspondent

A BRITISH submarine was responsible for almost sinking the trawler Karen, the Government admitted yesterday.

It was feared a Russian sub could be lurking off the west coast after Defence Minister Penny Mordaunt twice denied Royal Navy involvement.

But the Ministry of Defence has now issued a statement confirming a UK sub got tangled in the prawn boat's nets on April 15. Ms Mordaunt said: "The Royal Navy has now confirmed a UK sub was, in fact, responsible for snagging the nets." She added that the incident was "deeply regretted".

Rules state submarines should surface and check the other boat's crew if there is an accident - but the sub did not even realise it had snagged the nets.

The incident in the Irish Sea left the Karen, which has a crew of four and is based in Co Down, Northern Ireland, with damaged nets and deck gear. The Navy is co-operating with accident investigators.


STATEMENT Penny Mordaunt

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2015
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