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MNA transition to practice 2014.

The Helena College Student Senate sponsored 16 RN students to attend the Transition to Practice conference given by the MNA on Jan 26th and 27th. The conference became part of the NRSG 266 course which emphasizes nursing leadership. Each student was asked to write a summary of the conference. Below you will find RN Student Sara Churchill's summary along with comments from other RN students who attended.

The Montana Nurses Association facilitated a nursing conference that I attended on January 26th and 27th. I was fortunate to have this opportunity. This conference focused on the transition of the student nurse into the career of professional nursing. Several influential nursing professionals shared their personal experiences from early in their careers as they embarked on the path that each of us now find ourselves on. In their individual way, each speaker offered reassurance regarding the uncertainty that is commonly felt among newly graduated nurses entering the professional world. These nurses readily stressed that the fundamental learning occurs during your education; however, the worldly experience that you gain through practice strengthens that knowledge and develops nurses into skilled trusted professionals. This information is encouraging to new graduates and is useful for alleviating the stress that we inflict upon ourselves to be skilled in all areas necessary to function as an RN. This is simply not the case and much of the actual learning takes place as an ongoing process throughout your career.

There was a strong emphasis on the ability of one nurse to change the world. These changes can be from that of fostering a positive work environment to global levels that change the way nursing is practiced throughout the world. The nurses who spoke have all impacted the nursing profession in an individual way. One of the topics that I found most interesting was the information provided that discusses the political component, which affects our profession. This was interesting to hear and learn about. I found it quite strange to think that non-medical politicians are often responsible for making decisions that dictates how nurses practice.

It was a very empowering experience. I left this conference with a new sense of conviction about my choice to dedicate my life to the nursing profession. I have a refreshed sense of purpose and a realization that I have chosen a career full of opportunities to change the world one patient at a time!


'All in all, it was a great experience. I am very glad that I was able to attend. Thank you for the opportunity." Gina

"I am eager to begin my journey as a professional nurse" Pam

"I enjoyed this conference immensely and believe that all graduating RNs should attend this conference if it is an annual event. I greatly appreciate this experience and have learned valuable lessons from the conference that will help me transform my nursing career." Tasha

"I found the MNA conference to be a helpful learning experience. Getting reinforcement from experienced nurses was inspiring." Kaitlyn

"I think the main thing that encouraged me the most was having different speakers reiterate that as new nurses we are not expected to know everything." Leota

"Even though I still feel apprehensive about what lies ahead as a new RN graduate, the conference left me feeling empowered." Dawn

"Hearing from other people who have succeeded in their careers and why is important to continue in education was inspiring." Kelli

"The conference was a positive experience that I would recommend every new nurse attend." Kyle

"The conference was one of the most interesting experiences I have had as a nurse. I learned more than I thought I would and enjoyed it immensely." Janae

"After the conference I left feeling empowered and I want to further my education." Mattie

"I felt this experience gave me confidence as I prepare to graduate and transition into the role as a registered nurse." Lindsey

Sara Churchill

Helena College
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Title Annotation:Student News
Author:Churchill, Sara
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Mar 22, 2014
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