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MNA endowment fund at The Montana Community Foundation, Inc.

Did you know that the Montana Nurses Association is building an endowment fund? On July 18, 2006 two restricted gift accounts belonging to MNA were transferred to The Montana Community Foundation, Inc. for investment and management of funds. The MNA funds: the Montana Nurses Association Education and Research Fund and the Montana Nurses Association History and Literary Fund, were combined and initially totaled over $20,000. Specifically this endowment fund can be used for the support of: education and research pertaining to the practice of professional registered nursing in Montana and/or grants, loans, and scholarship for history and literary endeavors.

Recently, the now-dissolved Montana League for Nursing contributed the balance of funds in their account to the MNA Endowment Fund for the specific purpose of promoting professional nursing education. Former MT--NLN treasurer, Mary Alice Rehbein, a retired public health/school nurse in eastern Montana for many years, wanted this remaining money to be gifted to MNA to continue the mission of NLN.

MNA to offer Nursing Scholarships

With the addition of the NLN funds, the balance of the MNA endowment fund currently totals more than $30,000. This year, the MNA Board of Directors approved the awarding of two scholarships for Montana nursing students for the 2011-2012 school year. $1000 scholarships will be awarded to:

1. an advanced practice registered nurse student in the last year of the educational program and

2. a student in the final year of a registered nurse program.

Scholarship applications are available through the nursing departments at Montana schools of nursing and the MNA website. Scholarship award winners will be notified in September and will receive their scholarship at the MNA Annual Convention Awards Luncheon on October 7.

Investing in the Future of Montana Nursing

The MNA Endowment gives you an opportunity to invest in the future of the nursing profession in Montana. Your gift becomes a permanent legacy to our Association. Did you know that a planned gift to the endowment of the Montana Nurses Association can qualify you for the Montana State Endowment Tax Credit? Businesses can also get the state credit through a direct gift to our endowment including gifts of appreciated stock, land or other assets.

For more information, be sure to visit the Montana Community Foundation booth at the 2011 MNA Annual Convention or contact MNA at

Barbara Swehla, RN - Education Director and Mary Pappas, Member - Board of Directors
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Author:Swehla, Barbara
Publication:The Pulse
Date:Aug 1, 2011
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