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Articles from MMR (April 11, 2016)

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'Beautiful Diversity' characterizes the new general market. 393
'Millennials become stronger force'. 308
1 & 2 letter vitamins. 207
Acne treatments. 231
Adcock moves up at Kroger. 159
Adult incontinence products. 229
Albertsons hits mark with PL line. 318
Albertsons is teaming up with IRI. 169
Albertsons to acquire remnants of Haggen. 277
Aligning with Hispanics pays dividends for marketers. 643
All other fem. hygiene/med. treatments. Brief article 228
Amazon adds more Dash Buttons. 363
American Greetings leverages brands. 142
Antacid tables. 223
Anti-itch treatments. Brief article 226
Antismoking gum. Brief article 123
Antismoking tablets. Brief article 133
Applicants flock to Target + Techstars accelerator program. 395
Araven's Shop & Roll loop carts, rolling baskets. 177
Baby soaps. Brief article 230
Baby wipes. 234
Bath/body scrubbers/massagers. Brief article 228
Batteries sought at the checkout. 175
Bhatia gets promoted at NACDS. Brief article 161
BIC XTRA-Fun No. 2 pencils with striped barrels. 129
Blood pressure kits. 222
By almost any measure, the retailer is at the top of its game. 450
Campell set to cut BPA from cans. 105
Candy, gum, mints are ideal checkstand items. 637
Cardholders' savings. 112
CFOs expect online sales to surge. 129
Chains embrace cage-free eggs. 557
Children's Flonase debuts in time for allergy season. 111
Circle of retail life. 484
Cold sore medications. 230
Cold/allergy/sinus liquid/powder. Brief article 229
Cold/allergy/sinus tablets/packets. Brief article 221
Cotton swabs. Brief article 226
Cough syrup. Brief article 223
Cough/sore throat drops. Brief article 248
Creme of Nature rolls out certified natural ingredients. 106
Dandruff shampoo. 224
Dental accessories/tools. Brief article 234
Dental floss. 232
Denture adhesives. 229
Deodorant bar soap. Brief article 208
Deodorant. 229
Despite flat sales, adjusted income at big lots rises. Financial report 828
Diabetes monitor designed for dogs, cats. 517
Disposable razors. 236
Distribution of Advecta II expanded. 236
Dollar General finishes fiscal year on high note. 945
Dollar sales of top H&BA categories. Statistical table 799
Dollar Tree falls short of the mark. 1044
Electric shavers/groomers. Brief article 212
Enjoy life extends food line. 106
Executives pleased with solid progress. 596
External analgesic rubs. 201
Eye shadow. 233
Eye/lens care solutions. Brief article 232
Eyeliner. Brief article 232
Facial cleansers. Brief article 202
Facial concealer. 233
Facial foundation. Brief article 238
Facial moisturizers. 204
Facial powder. 211
Facil antiaging. Brief article 217
Firefly's new Star Wars 3D character toothbrush. 151
Firs aid ointments/antiseptics. Brief article 200
First aid tape/bandage/gauze/cotton. Brief article 213
FMI slates speakers for show. 160
Former Walmart exec Coughlin dies at age 66. Obituary 419
Founding family still provides strategic direction. 743
Fulfillment costs pose threat to retail profits. 299
Garcia leaves Colgate to become Revlon CEO. 173
Global Beauty fills gap in market. 316
Glucose monitors. 233
Grooming/shaving scissors. Brief article 231
Hair appliances. Brief article 234
Hair conditioner/creme rinse. Brief article 234
Hair spray/spritz. Brief article 237
Hair styling/setting gel/mouse. Brief article 213
Hand and body lotions. 232
Hand sanitizers. Brief article 247
Healthy pets need to eat right. 514
Heat/ice packs. Brief article 240
Highlights of Wegmans' century-long journey. 939
How executives can avoid the food safety Perp walk. Fields, Randy 754
How to attract, retain Hispanic shoppers. Hartman, Richard 693
Humidifiers/vaporizers/air purifiers. Brief article 222
Idea of a consumption tax is blasted by NRF. 499
Internal analgesic liquids. 204
Internal analgesic tablets. 220
J.J.J.'s goal is to 'grow together'. 436
Kadlec, Crabb are added to Target's tech group. 176
Kroger tabs two to lead divisions. 335
Kroger, Lucky's pact. 678
Latin Botanicals revamps brand. 402
Laxative tablets. 240
Laxative/stimulant liq./pwdr./oil. Brief article 224
Lifestyle goals focus on feeling, looking good. 253
Lip balm/treatments. Brief article 225
Lipstick. 234
Liquid body wash/all other. Brief article 230
Liquid hand soap. Brief article 231
Liquid vitamins/minerals. Brief article 205
Mackenzie's GSK successes. 488
Magazines show staying power. 312
Makeup applicators. 236
Makeup remover implements. 210
Management looks to future. 393
Manual toothbrushes. 215
Mascara. 222
Mass retail stock update. Author abstract 214
Mass retail: a status report. Pinto, David 605
Maximizing shopper interaction. 485
MBR: 'design, use, improve'. 362
Meetings: shows. Calendar 298
Men's contraceptives. 226
Men's fragrance gift packs/sets. 239
Men's hair coloring. 234
Mineral supplements. 225
Moist towelettes. Brief article 210
Mouthwash/dental rinse. Brief article 211
Multivitamins. 226
Muscle/body support devices. Brief article 206
Nasal spray/drops/inhalers. Brief article 251
NeoCell's joint bursts soft chews. 132
New CEO is appointed at Dollarama. 225
Nondeodorant bar soap. Brief article 209
Online grocery springs to life in U.S. Burt, Randy 443
Original additions extends Vegas Nay Line. 390
Perfumes and colognes/body powder. 214
Personal lubricants. 232
Pet care undergoes humanization. 654
PetMatrix offers alternative to rawhide chews. 448
Power toothbrushes. 238
Pregnancy test kits. 227
Premium food brands focus on pets' wellness. 511
Profits off at Costco. 989
Quality of batteries can impact retail operations. 306
Razor cartridges. 214
Razors. Brief article 213
Regular shampoo. 235
Retail sales are poised to rally. 112
Retailers have room to grow in pet care. 271
RILA, NRF Take issue with new labor department rule. 184
Rx makes impact on Capitol Hill. 477
Sanitary napkins/liners. Brief article 229
Scoreboard. Statistical table 719
Shaving cream. Brief article 227
Shaving lotion/cologne/talc. Brief article 233
Shift to self-checkout accelerates. Brief article 158
Shoppers Drug Mart provides sales boost. 412
Shopping puts many in mood for a treat. 375
Sleeping aid tablets. Brief article 201
Southern Calif. entered by Aldi. 246
Stores offer more than groceries. 497
Study reveals 'visual hotspots'. 470
Stylist awards supported by Ardell. Brief article 304
Suit contests exec's move to Target. 327
Sundial brings expertise to Tracy Reese fashion show. 299
Suntan lotion/oils. Brief article 211
Supers should thrive in health, wellness. Woldt, Jeffrey 588
Synergies help Loblaw post strong year. 970
Taking stock of CPG past and future: gear up now for a year of growth. 7096
Tampons. Brief article 207
Three mind states of consumers. Tamowski, Joseph 425
Tooth whiteners. 246
Toothpaste. 226
Top retailers honored. 126
Trends reshape pet care sector. 271
Unilever will highlight community's dynamism. 346
Unit sales of top H&BA categories. Statistical table 769
Vaginal treatments. Brief article 244
Wahl tailors products to meet specific needs. 358
Ways to counter downside of pets. 447
Wegmans' promise: 'everyday you get our best'. 799
Weight control candy/tablets. Brief article 204
Weight control/nutritionals liq./pwdr. Brief article 227
Winner-take--all world. 783
Women's contraceptives. 246
Women's fragrance gift packs. 255
Women's hair coloring. 236
Zim's Max-Arnica helps with bruising. 102

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