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Articles from MMR (June 16, 2003)

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'People have to be able to relate to us'. Brief Article 108
'Shrink recovery is a top profit source'. (News). 372
'Walgreens is not done yet'. (Market focus: Phoenix). 479
A better handle on customers. (Merchandising). Brief Article 107
A Finger on snack pulse of Hispanics. (Merchandising). 363
A fresh perspective. (Spotlight). Meyer, Scot 535
A good place for Duane Reade. (Top 100 Markets). 350
A happy melange of upscale, mom-and-pop. 374
A local role for Albertsons. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 139
A market that's a microcosm of America. (Market focus: Newark). 803
A new world of possibilities opens up. (Home Fragrances). 471
A potent factor in urban areas. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 145
A prime retail battleground for the early 21st century. (Market focus: Denver). 830
A retail destination with a diverse local economy. (Market focus: San Francisco). 925
A retailing mecca ready to bounce back. (Market focus: Dallas). 762
A rich and varied retailing environment. (Market focus: San Diego). 806
A very upscale approach creates fragrance destination. (Perfume). 929
A&P, Pathmark lead supers. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 293
Aging baby boomers turn market into retail gold. (Market focus: Phoenix). 942
Ahold gets hit again. (Spotlight). Meyer, Scot 672
Ahold restates sales results for '01, '02. (Global). Brief Article 261
An enormous opportunity, a sobering challenge. (Ethnic Marketing). 853
Asda renews distribution. (Global MMR). Brief Article 153
Asians are an unseen minority. (Merchandising). Brief Article 187
At Pathmark. (Merchandising). Brief Article 101
Bausch & Lomb. (Q&A). Brandow, Michael 589
BiC[R]: BIC's goal is to continue to be the disposable shaver of choice. (Q&A). Bartolucci, Bruce 530
Big apple more welcoming than ever. (Market focus: New York). 842
Big three still lead; Philadelphia, Atlanta move up. (Top 100 Markets). 1237
Big-box stores encounter resistance. (Top 100 Markets). 348
Celltech: Delsym's growth has been fueled by its extended-release, single-ingredient efficacy. (Q&A). Temperato, John 601
Chain drug arena more competitive. (Top 100 Markets). 550
Chicago No. 1 in food; L.A. first in GM; N.Y. top in drug. (Top 100 markets). 2799
Chicago offers rich tapestry for retailers. (Market focus: Chicago). 799
Coles Myer expands on-line operations. (Global). Brief Article 280
Coming this summer: family films, blockbusters. (Merchandising). 429
Cosmetics cater to unique needs. (Merchandising). 475
CVS moves on diverse fronts. 378
Declining wholesale prices trigger more worries. Brief Article 218
Delhaize Sets Goals. (Spotlight). Meldrum, Fiona 859
Dental concepts: our market is expanding at a double-digit rate. (Q&A). Kaplan, Kelly 684
Despite woes, Kmart remains committed. (Top 100 Markets). 384
Different skin types have different needs. (Merchandising). 526
Discounters at home in suburbs. (Market focus: San Francisco). 519
Distributors ease retailers' work. (Ethnic Marketing). 867
Drug chains have certain allure. (Market focus: Newark). 494
Drug chains have room to grow. (Top 100 Markets). 350
Drug, grocery via Albertsons. (Market focus: Phoenix). 887
Duane Reade a home-growns star. (Market Focus: New York). 446
Eckerd defends market lead. (Top 100 Markets). 498
Eckerd looks to take no. 2 spot. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 263
Eckerd names sales, procurement VP. (People MMR). Brief Article 108
Eckerd operating profit. (Money). 558
Eckerd store amazes shoppers, reflects vision for future. (Top 100 Markets). 863
Energy drinks off and running. (Food And Beverage). 673
Ethnic diversity is a fact of life. (Market focus: San Diego). 456
Evervthing's redone, revitalized at Imperial Dax. (Merchandising). Brief Article 311
Fire Fly[TM]. (Marketplace Showcase 2003). Brief Article 107
Fragrance finds home in many categories, gains importance. (The Market). 773
Fragrance makes everyday items chic. (Bath and Body). 930
Fresh&Go Kids. (Marketplace Showcase 2003). Brief Article 129
Globalization is a two-way street. (Cologne & Aftershave). Brief Article 236
Grocery retailing a fine art for Target. (Top 100 Markets). 422
H.E. Butt has small presence, big impact. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 311
Hannaford 'at your request' bows. (Merchandising). Brief Article 224
Happy 150th birthday to potato chips. (Merchandising). Brief Article 203
Hard times for no. 2 food chain. (Market focus: Chicago). 607
Hard times have little impact on region. (Top 100 Markets). 454
Healthy snacks gain sway. (Food And Beverage). 634
Hindsight versus foresight. (Opinion). Pinto, David 629
Hispanics need special attention. (Top 100 Markets). 367
Hispanics wield buying power. (Ethnic Marketing). 676
How America watches movies. (Merchandising). Brief Article 205
How Dr. Thrower's heritage evolved. (Merchandising). Brief Article 201
In Inner City growth hard but doable. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 276
In windy city, it's not all Jewel, Dominick's. (Top 100 Markets). 462
Is Sears where America shops? (Market focus: Chicago). 584
It's still a very pricey market. (Top 100 Markets). 411
Kids care culture line addresses children's hair needs. (Merchandising). Brief Article 234
King Soopers has local heritage. (Top 100 Markets). 399
King Soopers is dominant. (Market focus: Denver). 646
Kmart exit bad news for many. (Market focus: Dallas). 426
L.L. Bean considers taking over Spiegel. (Top 100 Markets). 333
Largest chains dominate drug. (Top 100 Markets). 1928
Laurus converts 79 Konmar units. (Global). Brief Article 150
Levi's signature line goes mass channel via Wal-Mart. (Top 1000 Markets). Brief Article 247
Licensing deals heat up arena. (Merchandising). Brief Article 239
Local supermarketer Bashas' continues to flourish. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 243
Major discounters find myriad opportunities. (Top 100 Markets). 358
Male grooming is definitely booming. (Cologne & Aftershave). 651
Mass retailing stocks uneven. (Money). 671
Meat snacks ideal for hot diet. (Merchandising). 565
Meetings Shows. (Topics). 154
Melon Seed succeeds despite odds. Brief Article 191
Metro makes move into Eastern Europe. (Global). Brief Article 195
MPA offers invaluable marketing tools. (Merchandising). America, azine Publishers of Brief Article 118
Mr. Discounter now Mr. Supermarketer. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 287
Myths about RFID. (Spotlight). Jacobson, Greg 621
N.Y.C. has become chain market. (Top 100 Markets). 381
Nash Finch's Avanza forges partnership. (Top 100 Markets). 400
New IMRA members run gamut. (Topics). Brief Article 184
New styles are newest needs. (Merchandising). 380
Newark presents special problems for supermarketers. Brief Article 249
On-line retailing starts to pay. (News). Brief Article 317
On-trend showers want what's hot at affordable prices. (Home Fragrances). 340
One chain's decision; another's opportunity. (Opinion). Woldt, Jeffrey 397
Open-sell merchandising convinces fragrance shoppers. (Class to Mass). 890
Panty hose preferences define users. (Merchandising). 447
Pathmark works to build share. (top 100 Markets). 512
Penn traffic considers options. Brief Article 166
Pharmacy to play greater role. (Market focus: Denver). Brief Article 714
Picture changes for Safeway. (Top 100 Markets). 310
Plethora of problems face supermarketers. (Topics). Brief Article 240
Posner's Luxe Looks touts luxury for less. (Merchandising). 386
Proud lady beauty show a hit. (Merchandising). Brief Article 272
PUIG Personal Care Division (USA). (Q&A). Trullenque, Frank 731
Regional player sticks to basics. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 202
Relaxed, natural hair styles call for maintenance. (Ethnic Marketing). 545
Retailers get more proactive. (Ethnic Marketing). 510
Rite aid sets goals, moves ahead. (Top 100 Markets). 339
Safeway 'gets back to cost reductions'. Brief Article 130
Safeway execs still focused on results. (Global). Brief Article 288
Safeway, Albertsons butt heads on Web. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 318
Santana becomes VP at Sav-A-Lot. (People MMR). Brief Article 109
Scoreboard. (Money News). 633
SEC looks at supplier rebates. Brief Article 286
Shoppers have many options. (Market focus: San Francisco). 396
Shoppers want convenience, variety; chains need space. (Food And Beverage). 606
Smart Inventions. (Q&A). Nokes, Jon 653
Supers Hone Mix, marketing. (Top 100 Markets). 377
Suppliers grow carbonated drink sales. (Merchandising). 512
Target earnings up 1.3% as Mervyn's division stumbles. (Money). 370
Target hones focus. Brief Article 262
Target: 'expect more, pay less'. (Market Focus: New York). 363
The art of serving the inner city: Patmark uses various techniques: low price, service, a tailored mix. (Merchandising). 538
The F.C. Sturtevant Co. Columbia[R] antiseptic powders: Americans family brand since 1877. (Q&A). Rosenfeld, Steven 659
The myth of excellence. (Opinion). Crawford, Fred; Mathews, Ryan 6060
Three get new posts at ShopKo. (People MMR). Brief Article 181
Toney food stores find niche. (Market focus: Newark). 536
Top lawyer appointed at Kmart. (People MMR). Brief Article 135
Top retailers have video know-how. (Video/Entertainment). 641
Toys 'R' Us' ultimate store. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 113
Two named VP, GMM for Kmart. Brief Article 187
Vons, Albertsons in Forefront. (Market focus: San Diego). 507
Wal-Mart bottom line hits mark. (Spotlight). 654
Wal-Mart forces paradigm shift. (Top 100 Markets). 2562
Wal-Mart has yet to grow presence. (Market focus: Newark). Brief Article 144
Wal-Mart keeps moving forward. (Top 100 Markets). 1989
Wal-Mart leads; target gains at kmart's expense. Brief Article 249
Wal-Mart loses one, wins one. (Market focus: Dallas). 363
Wal-Mart passes another milestone. Brief Article 142
Wal-Mart store to change suburb. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 197
Wal-Mart to discontinue Gifford line. (Merchandising). Brief Article 150
Walgreens execs make it happen. (Top 100 Markets). Brief Article 156
Walgreens juggernaut to change drug store market. (Top 100 Markets). 354
Walgreens perceives a reason to return. (Top 100 Markets). 391
Walgreens persists, succeeds. (Market focus: Chicago). 481
Wanted by everyone: 'the big hit'. (Spotlight). Jacobson, Greg 669
Wellness, flavors, textures, recipes tell the story. (Merchandising). 451
Western markets are the best bet for retail expansion. (Top 100 Markets). 998
Winn-Dixie results uneven in quarter. (Money). Brief Article 257

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