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MLO peer reviewers.

The MLO peer reviewers, because of their numbers, serve infrequently but perform a most important service without fanfare. These medical laboratory scholars come from all around the nation and represent some of the finest healthcare institutions and organizations America has to offer. Our hats are off to these diligent volunteers. The names below represent those who have been on call on MLO's rolls for the last two years; our gratitude is no less for those unnamed volunteers since MLO's inception in 1969.

(Alphabetical by Last Name)

Jerome Abramson, PhD, FAAM, SM(AAM) Reisterstown, MD

Joseph Alabi, MSc Vicksburg, MS

Benjamin Alli, MD, PhD, MPH Detroit, MI

Laurence Alpert, MD Mount Kisco, NY

C.V. Angadi, PhD Hicksville, NY

Sharon Ardrey, MT Huntsville, AL

Beverley Arnold, MBA, MT(ASCP) Winnebago, IL

Joseph D. Artiss, PhD, Bsc, MSc Detroit, MI

Daniel M. Baer, MD Lake Oswego, OR

Lisa O. Ballance, BSMT(ASCP) Fayetteville, NC

Lisa S. Ballou, MT(ASCP), DLM Newport News, VA

Diane Barden, BS, MT(HHS), MLT(ASCP) Hartford, CT

Leland B. Baskin, MD, MS, FCAP Calgary, AB

Kathleen Becan-McBride, BS, MEd, EdD, MT(ASCP) Houston, TX

Joan Benson, BS, MBA Onalaska, WI

Karen G. Blaylock, BS, MT(ASCP) Dallas, TX

Gerard P. Boe, PhD, CLC(AMT), MT(AMT) Beaufort, SC

Barbara Keller Buckley, BS, MT(ASCP) St. Joseph, MO

Ida "Dolly" Burdick, MPA, MT(ASCP) SH, NC Appleton, WI

Donald J. Cannon, PhD Teterboro, NJ

Lana S. Carlson, BS, MT(ASCP) Boulder, CO

Sandra Clardy, BS, MS Wesminster, CA

Janine Denis Cook, PhD, DABCC, FACB Baltimore, MD

Shamina G. Davis, MS, MT(ASCP) Brownsville, TX

Tony J. Eistetter, BS Emeryville, CA

Diane Empie, BS Nashville, TN

Jennifer R. Ernest, BS, MT(ASCP), MSDCLS Buffalo, NY

Dennis J. Ernst, MT(ASCP) Ramsey, IN

James K. Fleming, PhD, ScB, MS Elon College, NC

Nancy Fleming, MA, MT(ASCP) SH Reno, NV

Mike Fox, MLT Assoc.(AMT) Oklahoma City, OK

Christopher S. Frings, PhD, CSP, BS, HCLD Birmingham, AL

Terry Jo Gile, MT(ASCP), MA Ed St. Louis, MO

Gwendolyn Gordon, MHA, MS Detroit, MI

James D. Gross, MD (Deceased 1/12/07) Osprey, FL

Kristine S. Hansbery, MT(ASCP) Kayenta, AZ

Barbara Harty-Golder, MD, LLD Lookout Mountain, TN

Daniel E. Haun, MT(ASCP) H New Orleans, LA

Charles D. Hawker, PhD, MBA, FACB, FACS Salt Lake City, UT

Rich A. Henry Rockville, MD

Jan Howard, BS, MT(ASCP) SM Dallas, TX

Sam Husselman, BS, MT(ASCP) Bethleham, PA

Ruth M. Jacobsen, BS Rochester, MN

Teresa Johnson, AAS, MLT(ASCP), CLT, MTHHS Fairbanks, AK

Miles J. Jones, MD, FCAP, BCFE, BCFM Lee's Summit, MO

Carol Kellgren, C(ASCP) Winfield, IL

Melanie S. Kennedy, MD Columbus, OH

John A. Koepke, MD, MS Durham, NC

Diane Krienitz, DLM(ASCP), BS Albuquerque, NM

Ronald H. Laessig, PhD, NRCC Madison, WI

Lynn Laramee, BSMT Gig Harbor, WA

Louann Lawrence, DrPH, CLSpH, MT(ASCP) SH New Orleans, LA

Greg Luck, BS, HT(ASCP) Spokane, WA

Norbert Mantor, PhD, FAIC, FRSH, FISH, FACB, CLC St. Thomas, VI

Marisa Marques, MD Birmingham, AL

Beverly McHugh, BSMT(ASCP) New Rochelle, NY

Elia Mears, MS, MT(ASCP) SM Houma, LA

Sharon Miller, Professor Emeritus, NIU St. Charles, IL

Robert M. Nakamura, MD La Jolla, CA

Sonja Nehr-Kanet, MS, CLS(NCA), MT(ASCP) Boise, ID

Judith O'Brien, BS, MS, CLS(NCA) Douglaston, NY

Patricia O'Donnell, BHS Ellicott City, MD

Helen C. Ogden-Grable, BSMT Naples, FL

Theodore J. Passon, PhD, BCLD(ABB), SM(AAM) Pennsauken, NJ

Lynn M. Peterson, BS, ASCP, MEd Waukesha, WI

Joseph Plolgar, MSA, MT(ASCP) Grand Junction, CO

Frank Polito, MT(ASCP) SC Lebanon, NH

C. Anne Pontius, MT(ASCP), CLC(AMT) Raleigh, NC

Joan Raudenbush, BS, MBA, MT(ASCP) SC, CLS(NCA) Philadelphia, PA

Tammy Robinson, BS, MT(ASCP) Cleveland, OH

Susan A. Rothmann, PhD, HCLD (ABB) Cleveland, OH

Martin J. Salwen, MD Brooklyn, NY

Paula J. Santrach, MD Rochester, NY

Susan E. Sharp, PhD (DABMM) Portland, OR

Eric Sigillo, BA, MS, MBA Marlboro, MA

Edward Siguel, MD, PhD, MS, JD Gaithersburg, MD

Carmen Steigman, MD, MPH Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jan W. Steiner, MD, FRCP Ann Arbor, MI

Barbara Stephenson, AMT Cooperstown, NY

Deanna A. Sutton, PhD, MT(ASCP) SM, RM, SM(AAM) San Antonio, TX

Debra S. Tiffany, MSEd, MT(ASCP) SC, SLS Rockford, IL

Belinda C. Vanatta, MS, MT(ASCP), DLM (ASCP) Nashville, TN

Barbara Vittetoe, BS Puyallup, WA

Becky Walton, BS, MT(ASCP) SBB Pascogoula, MS

Robert H. Williams, PhD, DABCC, FACB, MT(ASCP) Tampa, FL

Monte Willis, MD, PhD Dallas, TX

Sherry Woodhouse, MD, FCAP, FASCP Weston, FL

Roslyn Yomotovian, MD, AP/CP, BB Cleveland, OH
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