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MK5 Rotary Media Drum reduces costs and labor. (Technology in Action).

USER--Saint Gobain Pipelines, Telford, England, is a foundry specializing in gray iron pipe fittings.

OPERATION--The Sinclair Works in Telford has a Disamatic feeding a DIDION Rotary Media Drum.

PROBLEMS--The hot and dirty castings going to the finishing department was a constant bottleneck and huge expense.

SOLUTION--The new DIDION Mark 5 Rotary Media Drum eliminated shot blasting and cooled the castings to the point where they could be water quenched which streamlined production dramatically.

BENEFITS--Combining shakeout, sand screening, casting cleaning, and casting cooling reduced production costs significantly. Castings from the DIDION Rotary Media Drum go directly to the grinding stations and the clean gates, runners, and sprue go directly back to the furnace for remelting.


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DIDION products include: Rotary Sand/Casting Separators; Sand Screens; Rotary Lump Crusher/Sand Reclaimers, Sand Blending/Cooling Drums; Rotary Media Drums; Rotary Sprue Mills; and a complete line of vibratory conveyors and feeders from Conveyor, Dynamics Corporation.
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Title Annotation:Saint Gobain Pipelines
Comment:MK5 Rotary Media Drum reduces costs and labor. (Technology in Action).(Saint Gobain Pipelines)
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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