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Outcome: Create resentative of an art period and style, using elements of design.

Materials: Research material, posters of Miro's surrealist paintings--including Carnival of Harlequin, 9 x 12" newsprint and drawing paper, colored pencils, ultra-fine permanent black markers, watercolor paints, canning wax, oil pastels, black construction paper, and glue.

Process: 1. Focus on Joan Miro's paintings and the many ideas of other Surrealists who were heavy into design. The dreamlike paintings are filled with strange symbolic shapes, forms, and creatures, painted in bright primary colors.

2. Discuss the importance of playing around with ideas without worrying about the finished product. On newsprint, ask students to create ten of their own visual elements, and combine them in various ways to create as many figures as possible. Keep the elements simple.

3. Create a dreamscape scene, in the style of Joan Miro, for these figures.

4. Transfer the sketches to heavy drawing paper. Outline the comical figures with ultra-fine black markers. Use colored pencils in bright, dramatic colors to complete the "Miro-Martians."

5. Tape the drawings down on drawing boards. Use small blocks of canning wax applied with broad diagonal strokes to form a protective wax coating over the colored pencil drawing. Three layers of wax are recommended.

6. Mix a pale watercolor. With wide brushstrokes, apply it diagonally across the waxed drawing.

7. Mount the drawing on black construction paper. Create a simple line design border with crayon or oil pastels.

Evaluation: Look for use of elements of design, variety of styles, and overall interest in image.

ClipCard submitted by Pamela Algrim, an art teacher at Kenneth Henderson Middle School in Garden City, Kansas.
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Title Annotation:art projects involving artist Juan Miro
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Date:Dec 1, 2000
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