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MIRAS GPS vehicle tracking using the Internet.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 22, 1996--Tracking your commercial vehicles and containers, or knowing the location of your family members, will soon be available to anyone who has Internet access and MIRAS, a tracking and remote control system developed by SPS Technologies in Fort Lauderdale.

MIRAS -- Mobile Interactive Remote Activated Solutions -- is a fully interactive tracking and remote control device that currently allows users to know the position of their vehicles, monitor vehicle functions like cargo temperature, and even control vehicle functions such as turning the engine on and off, or unlocking the doors. The device can also notify you when the vehicle's security system is triggered, providing an immediate opportunity to stop the crime while it is in progress.

The MIRAS software, which utilizes Windows 95 and Windows NT, already tracks and controls vehicles via cellular and 220 MHz radio communications. By next spring, a new product called MIRAS CommServ, will allow you to use any PC with Internet access, to locate your commercial or personal vehicles.

While on the Internet, you can request the location of one, several, or all of the vehicles of interest to you. This request is routed to MIRAS CommServ, which calls out to the vehicle(s) via circuit switch, CDPD, radio, or eventually PCS. So even if you have some vehicles using CDPD and circuit switch in Dallas, radio in LA and PCS in Miami, MIRAS CommServ can locate their positions using any combination of these communication mediums, and display the vehicle's position(s) on our detailed PC maps.

MIRAS CommServ also permits the networking of the MIRAS software, allowing multiple dispatch attendants to monitor and manage fleet or container movement, as well as theft prevention and recovery of consumer vehicles.

You don't need GPS to locate our web site, http://WWW.MIRAS.COM, but you will need the Internet.

MIRAS Remote Control and Tracking is available today, and MIRAS CommServ will be available by Spring/1997. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: In the Internet/email address noted in this news release, there is an "at" symbol between MIRAS and This symbol may not appear properly in some systems. In the World Wide Web address noted there is a double slash between http: and WWW.MIRAS.COM. These symbols may not appear properly in some systems.

CONTACT: SPS Technologies Inc., Fort Lauderdale

Mark Nemcek, 800/320-1186

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 22, 1996
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