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MIRACLE IN THE MOUNTAINS; Sons find missing dad who survived 9 days EXCLUSIVE SONS TELL HOW THEY FOUND MISSING RICHARD He'd been lost for nine days when we went on a hunch to a remote hillside. We spotted a man wandering along a track and both said.. OH GOD IS THAT DAD..?

Byline: Janice Burns

A FATHER feared dead after vanishing for nine days was found alive by his own sons - after they followed a "hunch" to look for him in the hills.

David and Iain Lyon went out to TURN TO PAGE 4

Melbourne to join the search for his father just weeks after moving to Australia with his new bride.

He wed wife Debbie in Dollar, Clackmannanshire, on June 16. He told his family on the day his dad disappeared that he had landed a new job in marketing.

David said: "The past nine days have been a nightmare for all of us but it has all ended well and that is the main thing.

"I can't thank the mountain rescue team and police enough for their help.

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"Now were concentrating on looking after my dad and getting him back to his old self.

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"We have a lot of things to sort out but he knows he has his family around him to support him.

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"We're just glad to have him back safe. I have to admit it wasn't looking too good for dad, but we put in the graft, got the results and made a lot of people very happy."

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Melbourne to join the search [...]


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Date:Aug 13, 2011
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