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MINITAB[TM]: the standard for Six Sigma success. (Profile).

The practical application of statistical methods is more widespread today than at any time in history. In manufacturing, process industries, hospitals and services, statistical thinking is being used to drive down costs, increase efficiency, reduce defects, and control variability. And it is no longer strictly the domain of statisticians--the pursuit of Six Sigma quality is pushing statistical thinking into all facets of the organization.

The leading Six Sigma consulting groups use and recommend MINITAB, reinforcing its position as the premier general-purpose statistics package for statistical quality improvement worldwide.

MINITAB meets the unique challenge of providing a comprehensive collection of statistical methods that is easy to use, even for users who are uncomfortable with statistics. At Minitab, we've been working on this challenge for more than 25 years and ate proud to offer the only statistics package that provides:

* The ideal collection of methods

* Unsurpassed ease-of-use

* Exceptional technical support and customer service

* A long-standing track record of success

* Solutions that fit customer budgets

MINITAB Release 13 for Windows offers you all this and more. For quality improvement professionals, MINITAB is the gold standard of statistics packages:

"Every Black-Belt involved in Six Sigma at American Express uses M1NITAB ... What Microsoft Office is to word processing and spreadsheet analysis, MINITAB is to the practitioner of the DMAIC methodology."
Ray Balisnomo, Project Manager
Six Sigma Group, American Express

Compared to other statistical software, MINITAB shines. Next to spreadsheet software, it excels.

MINITAB is all-in-one Statistical and graphical analysis software, so there is no need to buy additional modules, add-ins or specialty packages. Unlike spreadsheets, MINITAB was designed from the ground up for statistical analysis, and features like the StatGuide[TM], Project Manager, and ReportPad[TM] make Release 13 more user-friendly than ever.

MINITAB includes all the right methods:
* Basic and Advanced Statistics
* Regression and ANOVA
* Gage R&R
* Reliability Analysis
* Power and Sample Size
* Time Series and Forecasting
* Powerful Data Import, Export, and Manipulation
* Macro Language

"The most impressive benefit of MINITAB is that it has all the most important statistical methods in one package and is not divided into modules. It is easy to install and use and is cost-effective, I'm thrilled with the power and performance of MINITAB as well as the price!"
Karoly Lakat, Managing Director
L.K. Quality Ltd.


Easy to Use

From the very beginning, MINITAB's hallmark has been ease-of-use. Users at all levels find MINITAB friendly because we put as much effort into designing an interface that is easy to use as we do into designing the statistical features. The result is statistical power that can be effectively harnessed by non-statisticians and statisticians alike.

Take us for a test drive

Visit to download our fully functional demo. The software runs for 30 days to let you complete a full evaluation before you buy.

Minitab Inc.
3081 Enterprise Dr.
State College, PA 16801
Toll free: 800-488-3555 (U.S./Canada)
Tel: 814-238-3280
Fax: 814-238-1702
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Publication:R & D
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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