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MILO IS OUR LITTLE HAIRO; LOCKY LAD MILO PUTS CHEMO ORDEAL BEHIND HIM Lad, 5, needs a trim.. but mum in no rush to take him to barber after successful treatment for cancer left him bald for months.


LITTLE Milo Carter needs a haircut but mum Sarah is in no hurry to give him a chop - after he spent months being bald.

The five-year-old's hairstyle is now the most obvious sign he is back to full health after overcoming a gruelling battle with cancer.

Milo started school with no hair after 19 rounds of chemotherapy and three weeks of radiotherapy.

But after the Carter family were told the cancer which had spread to his lungs, liver, abdomen and kidneys had gone, his locks have returned.

Sarah, 37, told the Record how life is returning to normal after a traumatic two years.

She said: "He started school with no hair, but all the kids were used to Milo looking like that and he started with all his buddies, which is lovely.

"But he's really needing a haircut now."

Sarah added that Milo is "getting back to eating better". She said: "He lost a lot of weight. But you couldn't tell what he's been through.

"During treatment he coped incredibly well and, other than having no hair, you often wouldn't know. Kids his age are so resilient. They just get on with it."

Having started school at the same time as his friends, Milo is learning to read and write. His pals and teachers have done all they can to make him feel welcome.

Until he was given the all-clear last year, the Carters - Sarah, dad Kevin, 36, Milo and Noah, two - spent little time outside Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where Milo had an operation which saw him lose one kidney and 20 per cent of the other.

During the 18 months of chemo and radiotherapy, the Carters were helped by charity CCLASP (Children with Cancer and Leukaemia Advice and Support for Parents).

CCLASP provided the family with advice on the best firm to go to for holiday insurance and even set them up with a holiday caravan in Perthshire last year for five days.

Sarah said: "To get away for a bit of time as a family - all of Kevin's holidays have only ever been used for hospital treatment - was amazing.

"We played in the garden, we played board games - we just did loads of fun family things and didn't talk about hospitals."

CCLASP also sent the Carters and other families on a trip to Aviemore.

Sarah said: "When you're in a hospital ward with these people for weeks, you don't have the energy to reach out.

"It's nice to be able to go away and know what their stories are, and sit and chat and do normal things."

Sarah says CCLASP made the 18 months of Milo's treatment more bearable and helped them stay strong.

The charity do care packages for kids who have gone through stressful procedures and, for the parents, organise "Wine O'Clock" sessions at their Edinburgh offices.

She said: "The hospital is amazing for treatment but that's kind of where it ends.

"It's nice we can still do these Wine O'Clock things. You literally sit and cry - wine doesn't help with that - but so does everyone else, and that's normal.

"If you did it in front of your friends they'd be like, 'Here she goes again'. But the sessions are welcoming - and CCLASP are fab with the kids."

During treatment he coped incredibly well. Children Milo's age are just so resilient During treatment he coped incredibly well. Children Milo's age are just so resilient MUM SARAH CARTER


SO BRAVE Milo during chemo with his dad Kevin, top, and little brother Noah, above

HAPPY FAMILY Parents Sarah and Kevin with five-year-old Milo - complete with full head of hair - and his little brother Noah back at their home in Fife

UP, UP AND AWAY Milo is full of beans after recovering from cancer
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 26, 2015
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