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MILKING IT; REVEALED HUGE DIFFERENCES IN SHOP PRICES Farmers blame weather for rising cost of a pint.

Byline: Jane Barrie

The price of milk is on the rise as Scotland's farmers recover from a year of bad weather.

A Sunday Mail survey reveals supermarkets are milking it as consumers can now pay up to 80 per cent more for a pint, depending on where they shop.

The increase comes after a wet summer and autumn in 2012 then a difficult winter and spring which hit the growth of feed needed for herds.

Scott Walker, chief executive of the National Farmers Union of Scotland, said: "The message from the farmers and the processors is that the cost of producing milk is more expensive than in the past.

"It has been a difficult time for farmers. The yields of milk are down because of bad weather.

"Some supermarkets try to pay a bit more. There has been some increase in farm gate prices."

We compared the cost per pint of a family-sized carton of own brand semi-skimmed milk.

Some offered a four-pint carton, which equates to 2.272 litres, and others a two-litre carton. The most expensive four-pint carton we found was at Scotmid, costing PS1.59 - 39p a pint.

In Tesco and the Co-op, a four-pint carton costs PS1.39, which equates to 34p a pint.

The price at Asda and Lidl was PS1 - that's 25p a pint.

There are still deals to be had if you look hard enough.

Tesco have a three-for-PS3 offer until September 17 and Scotmid have bargain brands for PS1.

The cheapest milk we found was at Aldi - a two-litre carton cost 79p, 22p a pint.

But prices may increase further. Scott said: "Farmers are now paid on average 31p per litre but there is still room for movement.

"Our message to all retailers is to pay a better price at the farm gate so we can meet demand."

The Co-op said: "We have made a small price increase following rising production costs."

Lidl said their prices were competitive while Aldi said they followed market retail trends.

It's been a difficult time for farmers.. yields of milk are down due to bad weatherCREAM OF THE DEALS 4 PINTS 2.272ltrs PACK PRICE PRICE PER LITRE PER PINT Scotmid PS1.59 70p 39p Tesco/Co-op PS1.39 61p 34p Lidl PS1 44p 25p Asda PS1 44p 25p 2 LITRES Aldi 79p 39.5p 22p Poundland PS1 50p 28p


BARGAIN Aldi milk, left, is cheaper by the pint
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 8, 2013
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