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MIKE'S GOT THAT SINKING FEELING AGAIN.. Docker who threw his cursed Titanic relic the sea falls from a wall and injures his leg.


MIKE Gilpin travelled 4,500km to end a 10-year curse by throwing a piece of the Titanic back to the sea this week.

But he was again cursing his bad luck yesterday when he plunged off a wall and injured his leg.

Mike told the Irish Daily Mirror on Thursday how his life had been torn apart since he picked up a piece of the doomed ship in 2000.

He performed a ritual on Wednesday of returning it to the ocean believing his luck would change.

But his friend Will Lenihan revealed yesterday: "He was out last night in Limerick and had a few drinks. He was high on all the media attention he's been getting and on the way home he fell off a wall.

"I'm beginning to think he's just unlucky and the Titanic had nothing to do with it." The fall is the latest in a long list of episodes that have blighted Mike's life over the years. Within months of acquiring the piece of the Titanic's hull his marriage ended, he lost his house and he was injured in a series of car and motorbike accidents.

More recently his holiday home burned down and the only thing to survive was the piece of the Titanic.

Following his string of bad luck Mike feared the worst when he plunged from the wall. Believing the curse of the Titanic was still on him he was sure he would be going to hospital with a broken leg.

But Will added: "It wasn't as bad as we thought in the end.

"When he woke up he took a couple of painkillers and he was able to walk around so we're going to wait and see." And Mike was able to enjoy a shopping trip in Limerick yesterday as he recovered from his latest injury.

He travelled to Cobh this week on the anniversary of the fateful voyage to return the cursed relic to the sea at the port from where it departed.

He declared: "It seemed like it just wanted to return to the sea." By doing so he hoped it would put an end to his misfortune.

Mike acquired the relic after a salvage dive in August 2000.

He was working as a docker when the parts were being brought to shore for a museum exhibition.

He managed to sneak a piece into his pocket, thinking it would be an interesting piece of history to hold on to. But within months his life began to fall apart.


A KEY used by a cabin steward on the Titanic to allow passengers to escape is set to fetch EUR70,000 at auction. Edmund Stone, who drowned along with 1,516 others, unlocked a door to a crew-only part of the liner after it hit an iceberg 97 years ago.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said: "The key is unique and would have played an important role both before and during the sinking. It was used to try and help save lives."


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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 18, 2009
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