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MIFED celebrates buoyant market.

This year, MIFED is quietly celebrating the 6oth session in its 33 years of existence. The event brands MIFED as the world's oldest film market and confirms its standing as the second largest film market after the Cannes Film Festival. The AFMA management feud with MIFED that was supposedly buried last October, resurfaced early this year, but it is not expected to affect MIFED.

During the last AFMA film market in Santa Monica when MIFED's manager, Elena Lloyd, paid a private visit to AFMA's management, she mentioned that MIFED was slightly increasing its costs. Lloyd pointed out that such a small increase, a first in many years. was well offset by a favorable dollar exchange rate (30 per cent compared to 1992). Subsequently, without speaking with Lloyd, Variety came out with a headline five-column's wide about MIFED being a more expensive market. To some observers. Variety's surprising story was leaked to divert the attention from an upcoming AFMA meeting to discuss a circular that Troma's president, Lloyd Kaufman. sent to the AFMA membership. In that circular, Kaufman pointed out several of AFMA's management shortcomings and ways to make the AFMA more responsive to the needs of independent film companies. Aroused by variety's story, the meeting, reportedly, became a show of indignation over MIFED's cost increase.

Since then however, no other words have been said about MIFED's costs, which, will ultimately end up to be less expensive than last year. In addition, MIFED is now registering a 15 per cent increase from South American and Far Eastern participants, as well as an increase from Eastern European countries. The number of exhibitors is expected to remain the same at 265 companies, while the total number of participants should pass the 3,000 mark.

Lloyd is anticipating a slight decrease in screenings. Last year. some 300 titles were screened in MIFED' self-contained 27 screening rooms, at a rate of five per day, per room. New this time is a "golden card" given to all MIFED registrant that will allow discounts varying from 10 per cent to 30 per cent on disparate items such as clothing, restaurants, rentals and discos.

For the evening of October 25, MIFED has reserved a number of seats for a concert at Milano's La Scala Theater. Tickets can be purchased directly at MIFED's offices. Other side activities being offered at MIFED range from golf to various excursions. As far as the issue of the controversial shipping company is concerned. MIFED will, once again, allow outside agents to provide services separately from the official shipper.

MIFED, scheduled to run from Sunday. October 25, through Friday, October 29 at the Milano Fair Ground, will be monitoring hotel rates so that they will stay within its budgetary guidelines. Movie/Video Age, Screen International and Moving Pictures will provide on site a printed daily report of MIFED events.
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Publication:Video Age International
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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