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MIDNIGHT NETWORKS ANNOUNCES AUTOMATED TEST SUITE FOR MULTILINK PPP; ANVL Test Suite Validates MP Implementations in Remote Access Products, Routers and other Connectivity Products.

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 19, 1996 -- Midnight Networks announced today that its test suite for Multilink PPP (Point to Point) is available for license. The MP Test Suite is the latest addition to the many suites supported by ANVL -- Automated Network Validation Library -- an automated, protocol-level test tool produced by Midnight Networks. The MP Test Suite validates the interoperability of remote access servers, office routers and ISDN connectivity products that use Multilink PPP. It is comprised of over 45 tests that have been developed using the RFC 1717 specification, including tests written for Multilink LCP options, MP fragmentation and reassembly, MP header formats and stress tests.

-- ANVL Customers Recommend the MP Test Suite as a Unique and Valuable Tool for MP Development --

Network product development engineers find the MP Test Suite enables them to easily test changes to their code by automating their testing environment.

"Because the MP test suite will identify the specific problem that we need to fix, it not only helps us test our code, but it helps us de-bug it too. Our testing is continuously up to date with the RFC standards because Midnight Networks incorporates RFC changes quickly into ANVLUs test suites. ANVL's Multilink PPP Test Suite came highly recommended to us; after running it ourselves I would also recommend it," stated Michael Farinaccio, Technical Manager at Eicon Technology in Montreal, Canada.

Monty Burge, Senior SQA Engineer of BayNetworks, Burlington, Massachusetts added, "Our view of the MP test suite is very favorable! We have found it able to test MP in ways we could not find available from any other source. I would recommend ANVL to anyone developing MP support."

"The Multilink PPP test suite really helps ensure interoperability," says Alan Steele, ANVL Product Manager. "At the California ISDN Users' Group Interoperability Workshop we noticed a wide variation among MP implementations. By having our suite to run against, vendors will be able to make sure that they are compatible with the spec, which should ensure better overall interoperability with the various implementations."

-- Pricing and Specifications --

The ANVL Multilink PPP Test Suite can be run against any network device with a Multilink PPP implementation. ANVL runs on Sun, DEC, and HP Unix platforms, and includes support for many different networking media including Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, and serial lines. Pricing for ANVL starts at $15,000 and is based on the type of license and number of test suites purchased.

Midnight Networks, a division of Teradyne Inc., provides software for network product development and network administration. The company also offers customized software development services to networking vendors and users. Midnight Networks' products include ANVL, an automated network validation system, and Recon/Map, an intelligent network management tool for TCP/IP-based networks. The company can be reached via phone at 617/890-1001 or via email at


ANVL and Recon/Map are trademarks of Midnight Networks Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Belinda Harter

Midnight Networks

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 19, 1996
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