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 HUNT VALLEY, Md., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- MicroProse, Inc. (NASDAQ: MPRS) today announced the release of NFL Coaches Club(TM) Football, the premiere simulation of modern day professional football featuring real players and coaches from the National Football League, for IBM-PC/compatibles.
 NFL Coaches Club Football was developed under license from both the National Football League(TM) -- through the NFL Coaches Club -- and the National Football League Players Association(R) (NFLPA). The game includes team names, team logos, team colors, and all NFLPA players for the 1993 NFL season.
 "This is the only game on the market which uses NFL coaches, NFL players, and other NFL contacts to ensure authenticity. From the team playbooks to the Al (artificial intelligence), from the team uniforms to the players' actions on the field -- we feel we have achieved the best NFL simulation ever," said Gerry Blair, vice president of marketing.
 In the game, the player assumes the role of the coach and calls the plays from a playbook of 160 real NFL plays. Each team has a unique playbook designed to match the team's play style. Additionally, the player can easily create a customized playbook with his own unique plays by using the playbook editor. The player can also "jump into" the action as a player during the game, controlling the offensive or defensive action.
 Competition can be provided by either the Al of the computer or a human opponent. Two players can even play on the same team against the computer. The computer simulates the strengths and weaknesses of players in the NFL and the coaching tendencies of the NFL coaches.
 According to the game's producer, Ed Fletcher, "In a lot of computer football games, the size, strength and skills for individual players are not simulated very accurately. We wanted a more realistic feel for the physical aspects of football -- the hitting, blocking and tackling."
 NFL Coaches Club Football simulates all of the variables that make the game exciting and unpredictable.
 The 3-D graphics permit an unlimited number of views of the action using preset or customized angles. The instant replay feature allows the player to save individual plays or even a complete game to be reviewed at a later date. Players can use saved game "films" and the practice feature to correct mistakes and improve skills between games.
 MicroProse, Inc. designs and markets a full line of entertainment software for personal computers and video cartridge systems. Its products are available nationally and internationally through major distributors, retailers, and mass merchants.
 NOTE: IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines. NFL Coaches Club Football is a trademark of MicroProse Software, Inc. NFL Coaches Club is licensed exclusively by Leader Enterprises, Inc. for NFL Properties, Inc. National Football League Players Association is a registered trademark of the National Football League Players Association.
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Date:Sep 21, 1993

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