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 WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Micro Decisionware (MDI) today announced that its Database Gateway(TM) for SQL/400 with DRDA (IBM's Distributed Relational Database Architecture) has entered beta, and will be generally available in September.
 Running on an OS/2 platform, this addition to MDI's Database Gateway family of products provides AS/400 access from a broad range of development, query and spreadsheet applications written to the industry standard DB-Library and ODBC APIs. Pricing starts at $18,500.

MDI Provides Desktop Access to AS/400 From More Than 150 Front-End Tools
 "Delivery of the Database Gateway for SQL/400 with DRDA opens up a host of opportunities for the many organizations operating in the AS/400 world," said MDI President and CEO Michael H. Forster. "End users will now be able to access AS/400 data from the more than 150 popular front- end tools written to the industry standard ODBC and DB-Library APIs. They will also be able to transfer data between AS/400 and other enterprise data sources including DB2, SQL/DS, SQL Server, and Oracle."
 Release Completes MDI Support of DRDA Across Key Platforms
 The SQL/400 Gateway is the final component in MDIs product support of IBM's DRDA protocol. MDI's Database Gateways for SQL/DS with DRDA and DB2 with DRDA were released in May and July, respectively.
 MDI's support of DRDA across key platforms grows out of it's rock- solid commitment to open architecture. "Our products are the most vendor-neutral in the industry," explained Forster. "They connect more front-end applications to more back-end databases than anything else on the market. That gives the customers the freedom to choose those applications and databases best suited to their needs."
 Building on Core Technology to Provide an Enterprise Information Framework
 Enabling organizations to access enterprise data -- both relational and non-relational -- wherever it may be stored is a key first step in implementing real-world client-server systems according to MDI. But Access Management, while a core technology, is just the first step. End users must be able to move data bi-directionally from server to server, all the while keeping it synchronized and secure. MDI calls this Copy Management and introduced this capability with the Transfer facility of the Database Gateway. Its recent incorporation of Trinzic's InfoPump(TM), now enables users to schedule and synchronize the movement of data between LAN RDBMSs and mainframe databases. Data in AS/400 can be combined with a wide range of heterogeneous data sources such as DB2, SQL/DS, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2/2 as well as the majority of non- relational data sources.
 MDI: The Choice of a Third of the Fortune 1000
 Since its inception in 1980, MDI has become an international supplier of multi-platform enterprise information management tools. The company is the industry leader in providing enterprise information solutions, with a customer base including nearly one-third of the Fortune 1000. Its products have gained widespread acceptance in all industry groups including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy, retailing and government, and have been deployed by companies as diverse as Chemical Bank, 3M, ARCO, The Prudential, Towers Perrin and General Mills.
 Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., Micro Decisionware is a partnership company of Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), a New York Stock Exchange company headquartered in Wayne, Pa.
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 /CONTACT: Bruce Rosner, 215-251-1680, for Micro Decisionware, or Michelle Davis of Micro Decisionware, 303-443-2706/

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