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pounds 100CAROLE Malone's feature last week about the Queen's hypocrisy in trying to act like Princess Diana was absolutely brilliant.

The editor of the Sunday Mirror should be congratulated. Years ago, he would have been escorted to the Tower. Carole mirrored what millions of people think. She should be reporter of the decade! - L Cuddy, Newcastle- U-Lyme, Staffordshire

AFTER reading last week's Sunday Mirror, I have become hooked. Why? Carole Malone, that's why. Her column about the Queen was brilliant, echoing my feelings and those of my friends. Well done for having the guts to print what nearly all of us are thinking about the Royals. Diana was the best queen we never had. - H Walmsley, Lancs

I HAVE to congratulate Carole Malone for her wonderful column in Sunday's paper. Her piece on our "caring Queen" has been the most honest I've read regarding Diana. - L Hendry, Glasgow

I DID not think I would live to see the day when a woman wrote such a stinging rebuke to our "caring Queen", as Carole Malone did. And I agree with every word she wrote. Well done, Carole. Long may YOU reign. - G James, Whitchurch, Bristol

CAROLE Malone's article was spot on about "The Firm". They will never change and are still living somewhere between the 17th and 18th centuries.

I personally will agree that the Queen and her consort have changed when they stop their appalling treatment of the Duchess of York. Sarah Ferguson has said sorry many times for her indiscretions, and has largely cleared her debts.

So how disgusting it is to hear that the mother of two of the Queen's grandchildren has to stay in a "lodge", away from her children, every Christmas. - D W Hoar, Herts

I AGREE with everything Carole Malone said about the Queen. Diana showed Royalty the way to people's hearts. The nearest our Royals have to Diana is the Queen mother, who treats people with respect. I wonder, when the Queen goes, will we remember her a year later like we remember Diana? If she does not change her ways, I think not. - R Hawkins, Redditch

ON the anniversary of Diana's death, Carole Malone's comments reflected how so many of the ordinary people feel about our Royal family, who have been so hypocritical since she died. My son lives in the United States and tells me that the Windsors are a laughing stock over there. The Princess of Wales was the best Royal we have had. Thanks for an excellent article. - M Carter, Bristol

CAROLE Malone gets the thumbs up from me. We ought to oust the Royal family and share their millions among the people of England. - C Gooderham, S Yorks

I COULDN'T agree more with Carole Malone. The Royal family are a load of hypocrites. - D Lloyd, W Glamorgan


FOLLOWING last week's article, Gun Guard On Schumacher After Muslim Death Threats, we are happy to clarify that Medecins Sans Frontieres is the world's largest organisation for emergency medical relief. MSF has absolutely no religious or political affiliation, and would not accept any funding obtained through extortion or blackmail. The safety of 17,000 staff and volunteers working under the MS flag in some of the world's most dangerous places depends on people understanding that they are completely neutral.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 6, 1998
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