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MICHELLE MUGGED FOR NEW UNDIES; Knicker tycoon is punched by yob.


LINGERIE tycoon Michelle Mone is recovering at home after a vicious knifepoint car-jacking attack.

The multi-millionaire was repeatedly kicked and punched as the mugger threatened her with a knife and made off in her posh car.

Her attacker, dressed in a hooded sweater and jeans, made off with more than pounds 30,000 worth of property after the assault outside the Glasgow office of her company MJM International, who make Ultimo underwear.

The stolen goods included her personal address books containing the home numbers of First Minister Jack McConnell, rock superstar Rod Stewart and his girlfriend, Ultimo model Penny Lancaster.

Michelle also lost prototypes for a new line of Ultimo undies.

Last night, friends and family of the 31-year-old businesswoman went to her home in Newton Mearns to comfort Michelle as she recovered from her ordeal

Michelle said: "This could not have happened at a worse time.

"I had loaded my car with four huge bags of items and was due to head to London.

"The prototype underwear has taken almost a year to put together and they are the heart of my new range.

"I desperately need them back and say to the man that he can keep everything but them."

Michelle told police how the mugger struck as she and her 27-year-old assistant left the Govan office just before 7pm on Tuesday and prepared to jet down to London to meet with bosses of store chain Debenhams.

She got into the driver's seat while her assistant opened the boot of the four- wheel drive vehicle and began loading it up.

The two women were stunned as the man ran at them, punched and kicked Michelle, dragged her out of the car, threatened her with a knife and grabbed the keys before screeching off in the car.

She later discovered that keys to her home and business had been taken as well as a collection of Armani bags and new photos taken of Penny Lancaster last month in Los Angeles.

The BMW X5, which has a top speed of 149mph, was recovered hours later just a few miles away in Clifford Street, Bellahouston.

Michelle spent all afternoon being interviewed by police at home. Her doctor arrived at 1pm and was with her for an hour.

Later in the afternoon, a florist delivered two huge bouquets and a locksmith arrived to change the locks on the front door.

Then Michelle's father Duncan Allan emerged from the house to speak to reporters.

He said: "It's early doors yet, time will be the healer.

"The doctor has given her something to settle her.

"I've not had a chance to speak to her about it yet. Whenever she tries to talk about it she breaks down, she's just too upset."

Radio Clyde DJ Suzie McGuire turned up in the afternoon to visit her pal but refused to comment.

First Minister Jack McConnell was concerned at the attack on Michelle Mone, whom he knows through her involvement in helping young entrepreneurs.

A spokesman for the Executive said he would speak to her today.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 20, 2003
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