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MGI Software's New SoftDVD MAX Supports Panasonic's DVD-RAM Drive to Enhance DVD Video, Game Experience for PC Users.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 1999--

MGI Software Corp. (TSE:MGI.) announced today the compatibility of its acquired SoftDVD(TM) the industry's most widely used software-based DVD decoder, with Panasonic's high-performance, high-capacity DVD-RAM drive. With SoftDVD, and the removable, rewritable DVD drive, PCs can be transformed into DVD players at an extremely low cost, since the systems don't require dedicated MPEG-2 or Dolby Digital (AC-3) hardware. MGI Software recently acquired SoftDVD from Zoran and has renamed it SoftDVD MAX.

MGI's SoftDVD MAX seamlessly supports all of the components of the DVD standard in software, including navigation, the user interface, MPEG-2 and Dolby(R) Digital (AC-3) decoding, video/audio synchronization, decryption, and 3D audio, and more. These capabilities provide users with smooth, laser-sharp video and crystal-clear audio without any skips or clicks. Applications range from playback of corporate presentations and training films, to Hollywood movies and interactive game titles. The latest version of MGI's SoftDVD MAX also supports Microsoft(R) DirectShow(TM) architecture, Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0.

In addition to providing high-quality video and audio playback, MGI's SoftDVD MAX and the Panasonic DVD-RAM provide PC users with a range of other capabilities and features. MGI's SoftDVD MAX and DVD-RAM drive give users a choice of languages on the sound track; the ability to play back favorite sections instantly; special-effects playback (such as slow-motion); the choice of parental "locks" on objectionable scenes; and in some cases, the ability to select different camera angles.

"SoftDVD MAX's compatibility with the standards-compliant Panasonic DVD-RAM reinforces MGI's commitment to support industry standards and ensure that SoftDVD MAX can be used with the leading software and hardware solutions," said Israel Ben-Ishai, vice president engineering, MGI Software.

MGI's SoftDVD MAX Supports Panasonic's DVD-RAM Drive

The DVD-RAM format approved by the Forum is now supported by nearly 200 hardware and software manufacturers. Compliance with the DVD-RAM standards also provides users with the assurance that the Panasonic drive can be used to read from discs currently accepted by CD-ROM, CD Audio, CD-R, CD-RW and video CD drives, as well as DVD-ROM, DVD video, and DVD-R drives.

With broad media interchangeability and a removable, rewritable storage capacity of 2.6GB on single-sided discs (5.2GB on a double-sided discs), the Panasonic DVD-RAM provides businesses and home users with a single solution for playback of DVD videos and reliable, high-capacity storage for about $.008/MB.

The Panasonic drive provides access speeds of 120ms and a data transfer rate of up to 10.5Mbps. To further enhance performance, a 2MB buffer is included. The drive's high capacity and performance make it ideal for storing scanned photos, and illustrations, as well as real-time videos, commercials, Web sites and large data files. The removable media can also be used for low-cost distribution of large files such as catalogs, service manuals, databases or training films.

About MGI Software

MGI Software is one of the world's leading digital media companies. The company's early focus on delivering digital media editing technology to the mass market has led to leadership in the digital imaging and video editing market, with more than 19 million units of its PhotoSuite and VideoWave products shipped in retail and OEM channels spanning 25 countries. MGI Software broadened its market to business and online users of photography by acquiring the assets of Live Picture and expanded its technological leadership to encompass all digital entertainment media, including television, movies, and music, with PURE DIVA and the acquisition of Zoran's SoftDVD business.

Through its ever-growing network of partnerships with major consumer electronics manufacturers, computer hardware and software vendors, photo retailers and the entertainment industry, MGI Software is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the revolution shaping our digital lifestyles. MGI Software is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario and has sales offices in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan and Tokyo. MGI Software is publicly traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange. For more information visit

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