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 First Competitive Carrier to Seek Such Authority
 OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- MFS Intelenet, Inc.,

a subsidiary of MFS Communications Company, Inc. (NASDAQ-NMS: MFST), has applied to the Illinois Commerce Commission for authority to operate as a competitive local exchange carrier for business customers in the Chicago metropolitan area. This is the first application by any competitive carrier for full local exchange authority in Illinois under the state's Universal Telephone Service Protection Law, which was passed in 1985.
 Through this application, MFS Intelenet is seeking authority to provide directly the local exchange services, which it presently is authorized to provide only through resale of Ameritech and Centel exchange services. These services include local exchange access services to single-line and multi-line business customers, local exchange usage services to customers of MFS Intelenet's end user access services and switched carrier access services to other common carriers.
 MFS Intelenet seeks full "co-carrier" status with Ameritech and Centel in the Chicago metropolitan area. "Co-carrier" status would mean that MFS Intelenet is afforded the same rights as other Local Exchange Carriers.
 Illinois, along with New York, has been in the forefront of states in addressing the issues and eradicating the barriers to full local exchange competition. Just last month, the New York Public Service Commission took a major step toward granting MFS Intelenet full "co-carrier" status by ruling that New York Telephone must deal with MFS Intelenet and other local competitors for access to local numbers and other telecommunications resources on the same basis as it now deals with independent telephone companies.
 MFS Intelenet, which premiered its services in New York City in July, is the nation's only full service telecommunications company designed exclusively to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses by providing a single source carrier for local, long distance, facilities management services, and a wide range of additional services including: calling card, 800 number service, voice mail, customized billing and management reporting. MFS Intelenet long distance service will provide a single low rate anywhere in the continental United States. MFS Intelenet local service will offer all the services of the local phone company.
 "We plan to focus on the small and medium-sized business customers,'' said Kirby G. Pickle, president of MFS Intelenet. "These businesses make up the backbone of the Illinois economy, but have not been the primary beneficiaries of the development of competition in the telecommunications industry.
 "Granting MFS Intelenet 'co-carrier' authority would provide significant benefits to these business customers in terms of carrier choice, price, increased reliability, responsiveness and the introduction of new services. The authorization will also stimulate investment in the state's telecommunications infrastructure and enhance its economic development."
 As a "co-carrier" in Illinois:
 -- MFS Intelenet would be issued its own exchange codes (numbers represented by the first three digits in a local phone number), allowing calls to be terminated on MFS Intelenet's own network and routed directly to its customers, rather than through an Ameritech or Centel switch. This would reduce the possibility of technical problems and improve the reliability and security of connections.
 -- Ameritech and Centel would be required to enter into reciprocal local compensation arrangements with MFS Intelenet, similar to the manner in which these carriers now contract with each other. Currently, competitors such as MFS Intelenet must pay Ameritech and Centel for calls that terminate or end on their networks. However, Ameritech and Centel do not pay competitors for calls terminating on competitors' networks.
 -- MFS Intelenet facilities would be physically interconnected with Ameritech's and Centel's networks.
 "With this authorization, MFS Intelenet will be in a position to more efficiently and effectively address all of the telecommunications needs of its customers and bring them the complete benefits of competition," added Pickle.
 -0- 11/15/93
 /CONTACT: Claire Fennell, 708-218-7232, or Steve Ingish, 708-218-7316, both of MFS Communications Company/

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