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 SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug 4 /PRNewswire/ -- MFS Datanet, Inc., an operating subsidiary of MFS Communications Company, Inc. (MFS) (NASDAQ: MFST), today unveiled the first national Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network --now fully operational and currently in use by the company's customers to solve business communications needs.
 The 14-city network enables corporate and government customers to send large quantities of data and information across the country as quickly and easily as sending data from one computer to another within the same office. In many cases, the ATM system is hundreds of times faster than any previously available communication network.
 With MFS Datanet's ATM network, the time to transmit the amount of data contained in an average set of encyclopedias has now shrunk from 5.15 hours to 24.5 seconds.
 The network solves a major problem for American business: how to address the explosive growth of data transmission and the increasing requirements for speed and reliability. More than half of all communications by big business today are data, rather than voice communications.
 "While voice communications increase at an annual rate of 5 percent, experts agree that demand for the exchange of data is growing by 35 percent per year," said Al Fenn, president of MFS Datanet, Inc. "The future in communications is clearly high-speed data transmission."
 MFS Datanet's national ATM network is easily adapted to current business computer systems (Local Area Networks), involves minimal capital investment and requires no special knowledge on the part of the user.
 The new ATM network makes it possible for a broad range of businesses and industries to be more competitive by enabling them to communicate more efficiently, at higher speeds and at lower costs. This capability allows individuals in multiple organizations to work together to solve a range of specific problems such as:
 -- LEGAL AND FINANCIAL: Preparation of legal and investment banking documents is enhanced and distribution can take place almost instantly, providing an alternative to overnight express mailings and facsimile transmissions.
 -- PRINT MEDIA PRODUCTION: Copy writers, graphic artists, editors and clients can improve coordination, especially for time-sensitive projects.
 -- INTERACTIVE COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN AND COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING: Designers in multiple organizations can concurrently update and validate changes to product designs.
 -- MEDICAL IMAGING: Remote specialists are able to assist local physicians in diagnostics and can be given real time access to X-ray and CAT scan imagery.
 -- INFORMATION DISTRIBUTION: Many new kinds of high-value-added information distribution businesses -- pharmaceutical, legal, regulatory and patent research -- become practical, using MFS Datanet's high speed networking services.
 -- VIDEO PRODUCTION: Producers, editors, special effects personnel and customers can create and review materials in days, rather than weeks.
 The first customers to use the new network have found that it makes a dramatic change in the way they do business and in the security of their data transmissions.
 For example, Credit Agricole, the fifth largest bank (by equity) in the world, used to spend nine hours completing a nationwide data transfer via traditional communications. With MFS Datanet's ATM network, the same transfer is concluded in less than thirty minutes.
 Areas presently joined in this national ATM network are Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Franciso and Washington, D.C.
 /CONTACT: Camille Hardy of Carl Byoir & Assoc., 212-210-6000; or Bob Barbour of MFS Datanet, Inc., 408-975-2200; or Steve Ingish of MFS Communications Company, Inc., 708-218-7316/

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Date:Aug 4, 1993

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