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METZ Phones 5.6 and METZ Phones Administrator: Improved Database Engine Plus Security Package.

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 10, 1995--In its continued effort to focus on managing phone and address lists across networks, METZ Software announced today the release of METZ Phones v5.6 for Windows and the new security add-on, METZ Phones Administrator.

Shipping today, Aug. 10, 1995, the METZ Phones 5.6 upgrade contains the new Borland Database Engine for added speed, as well as additional network and access security features through the new METZ Phones Administrator. METZ Phones 5.6 has a suggested retail price of $89. Registered users of METZ Phones may upgrade for a nominal shipping and handling fee. Priced at $495 per server site, METZ Phones Administrator is an add-on to METZ Phones 5.6 that allows the network administrator to define specific user and group access rights and file permissions.

METZ Phones v 5.6 for Windows

METZ Phones affords workgroups easy access to central databases of common telephone and address information, so multiple users can now have simultaneous access to the same database. Designed to facilitate an unlimited number of phone numbers and 3 separate address listings on each record, METZ Phones simplifies record keeping while offering easy importing and exporting of databases through a variety of file formats.

An intuitive label interface allows users to design their own labels or use the library of standard Avery(R) label templates for effortless label printing. METZ Phones offers DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), for simple access to data from a word processor for use in a mail merge or report.

While minimized, METZ Phones frees the majority of its resources enabling users to keep address information easily accessible while large applications are running. METZ Phones 5.6 is Microsoft Office 95 compatible offering similar commands, menus and toolbars to give users the same familiar and consistent way of operating. Tooltips have also been added to give users a quick description of the toolbar button functions.

METZ Phones Administrator

METZ Phones Administrator is a powerful addition to METZ Phones 5.6 which allows network administrators to manage and control access to address and telephone databases by granting access rights to each user. Feature and field level access control is also provided.

Access rights are defined by file (any database file used by METZ Phones), group (any number of users with similar interests or need on a network), and user level (additional rights differing from the group). Grouping users together allows the administrator to give several users the same basic rights in one step rather than defining rights for each user individually, saving the administrator time and effort.

METZ Phones v5.6 System Requirements

-- Microsoft Windows(TM) 3.1, or later

-- Personal computer using 386, or higher, microprocessor

-- METZ Phones works with Novell Netware, Banyan Vines, IBM PC LAN, 3 com 3+ Share, DEC pathworks, Microsoft LAN Manager, Microsoft NT Advanced Server, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or any network that is 100% compatible with these.

-- METZ Phones Administrator requires METZ Phones 5.6 or later.

Pricing and Availability

METZ Phones 5.6 is available directly from METZ Software at an introductory price of $49; registered users of any METZ Software product can purchase Phones 5.6 at the upgrade price of $29. Site license pricing is also available. Current users of METZ Phones 5.x can obtain a free serial number from METZ after downloading the update, or order an update disk for a small shipping and handling fee. METZ Phones Administrator is also available direct from METZ Software for $495 per network site.

A full-featured 45 day trial version of Phones is available for download from METZ Software's forum on Compuserve (type GO METZ), America Online forum (choose goto METZ), and from the METZ Software BBS (dial 206-644-3663) or, contact METZ Software directly to order a trial disk.

METZ Software, headquartered in Bellevue, develops applications and utilities for use with Microsoft Windows(TM). For more information, call METZ Software at 800/447-1712, 206/641-4525, or fax at 206/644-6026. -0- Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

CONTACT: Ann Revell-Pechar, 206/462-4777
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 10, 1995
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