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METTLER TOLEDO PCE: Manual Aggregation Station.

METTLER TOLEDO PCE (PharmaControl Electronic) T2660 Manual Aggregation Station (MAS) module is for the aggregation and labeling of bundled pharmaceutical products as part of the track-and-trace coding process. It supports all aggregation scenarios, including from bundle to case, from case to pallet and from bundle to pallet.

The T2660 printer generates a label with an individual serial number for the pallet. The technical data for the label is provided by capturing data from the shipping cases using the station's hand scanner. The scanner provides the readout of label data for the shipping case as well as the corresponding pallet. The data displays on the station's screen via "hand scanner hierarchy" and corresponds with the serial numbers of all items.

The T2660 is a mobile unit mounted on casters with small foot stands, allowing it to be used with in conjunction multiple lines. It is a standalone unit, with a Pilot terminal or industrial touch PC, and can be integrated quickly into manual end-of-line packaging. It provides quick, convenient deployment for all current and future legal track-and-trace requirements, since it has the ability to be upgraded to meet future requirements.

The T2660 is suitable for use with both secondary (multiple case or bundle) and tertiary (shipping case/ and pallet) packaging. The T2660 communicates through its Pilot terminal or PC with the production line's PCE Pilot Line Manager (PLM) software, enabling centralized management of manual aggregation operations to complete the track-and-trace system's data.

METTLER TOLEDO PCE's global service network fully supports cross-border contracts, ensuring timely support and the quick delivery of spare parts, reducing downtime and enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to maintain their effective processes with minimal downtime.

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Publication:Healthcare Packaging
Date:Apr 3, 2018
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