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METTLER TOLEDO: METTLER TOLEDO sets a new standard in weighing with the ground-breaking XS analytical balance.

METTLER TOLEDO has the strongest brand name in the industry and is identified worldwide with accuracy, innovation and reliability. Over the years, the company has become synonymous with expertise in weighing and analysis instrumentation for laboratories. Now comes our latest innovation, the new XS balance featuring advanced technologies for increased productivity and accuracy in the laboratory.

Flexible Weighing Surface

The new SmartGrid weigh pan from METTLER TOLEDO revolutionizes weighing technology in the laboratory. Suspended from the inside of the weigh chamber, the SmartGrid weigh pan promotes rapid and accurate analytical weighing by allowing air to freely pass through the grid weigh pan, leaving results unaffected. Never before have speed and accuracy come together without compromise.

Speed--Fast and Stable Thanks to SmartGrid[TM]

The revolutionary slotted weigh pan removes buoyancy effects caused by temperature differences that lead to air currents. The air now easily flows through the weigh pan without affecting the stability of the pan. The results: rapid stability in weighing.

Cleaning--Easier Than Ever Before

Like any weigh pan, the SmartGrid lifts out for easy cleaning, but XS takes it to a new level. With the suspended weigh pan, contamination issues are resolved. Because all weigh cell connection points are above the weigh pan, any spilled sample falls directly to the fully sealed base plate, not interfering with the weighing. Simply remove the SmartGrid and wipe down the balance. In addition, removable draft shield panels make access to the weighing chamber caster than ever before. The draft shield can even be quickly dismantled and washed in a dishwasher for quick and efficient cleaning.

Static Reduction

SmartGrid weigh pan and ErgoClip[TM] accessories act as a highly efficient grounding system to remove static from many weighing samples. Various grid attachments and pan options support virtually any weighing vessel or sample without reducing the speed and accuracy of the SmartGrid weigh pan.

Operation--Removable Terminal with TouchScreen

The XS offers fast operation and direct access to the menu via the touch-sreen operating terminal. The XS offers three different display settings for efficient, personalized operation.

Short of space in the lab? No problem! The terminal can be removed and placed separately. To maximize practicallity, the adjustable display angle ensures optimal readability.

With built-in features to comply with GLP and other quality management systems, the XS balances provide secure compliance for operating in a regulated environment.

Software--Integrated Applications

The XS is equipped with a full suite of user software. Many common applications are standard, including clear-text dialogue for density determination of solids, liquids, or pasty substances. Other applications included are weighing, statistics, and formulation.

Someday, everybody will weigh this way. For now, there's METTLER TOLEDO

To experience the future of analytical weighing, call your local representative for a demo of the XS Balance.




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Title Annotation:Emerging technology: profile
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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