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 WASHINGTON, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Residential and business customers will get a surprise when they go to deposit mail in some Washington collection boxes. In fact, they'll get a bright red surprise.
 Washington Postmaster David Clark has placed bright red collection boxes with special decals posted on the front at several locations throughout the city as a part of the post office's Metro Mail program, designed to improve overnight delivery of First-Class mil deposited in Washington going to destinations within the city limits and up to 10 miles outside of the Capital Beltway.
 "Placement of these special collection boxes are an important part of our plan to improve the quality of service our customers need and deserve," said the postmaster.
 In order for the Metro Mail collection boxes to improve service, Clark said, "It's important that customers deposit their mail in the boxes before 3 p.m. and no later than 5 p.m., since those are the two intended collection times."
 National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 142 President A. Tony Martinez, said the city's letter carriers support the service improvement plan.
 "By making a special effort to collect the Metro Mail collection boxes twice a day and transport that mail separately to the Processing and Distribution Center for expedited processing, we're confident that the program will have a positive impact on First-Class Mail overnight service," he explained. "And providing our customers with this type of quality service is what letter carriers have been committed to doing throughout postal history."
 The new collection boxes are located at:
 Main Office, 900 Brentwood Rd. N.E. (Front)
 Anacostia Station, 2650 Naylor Rd. S.E. (Front)
 Benning Station, 3937-1/2 Minnesota Ave. N.E. (Shopping Center Side)
 Brightwood Station, 6323 Georgia Ave. N.W. (Front)
 Brookland Station, 3401 12th St. N.E. (Front)
 Cleveland Park Station, 3430 Connecticut Ave. N.W. (Front)
 Columbia Heights Station, 1423 Irving St. N.W. (Front)
 Congress Heights Station, 400 Southern Ave. S.E. (Front)
 Farragut Station, 1145 19th St. N.W. (Front)
 Friendship Station, 4005 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. (Front)
 Georgetown Station, 1215 31st St. N.W. (Front)
 National Capital Station, 2 Massachusetts Ave. N.E. (Front)
 Southeast Station, 327 7th St. S.E. (Front)
 Southwest Station, 45 L St. S.W. (Front)
 Temple Heights Stations, 1921 Florida Ave. N.W. (Front)
 Twentieth St. Station, 2001 M St. N.W. (Front)
 Ward Place Station, 2121 Ward Place N.W. (Front)
 Washington Square Station, 1150 Connecticut Ave. N.W. (Front)
 Woodridge Station, 2211 Rhode Island Ave. N.E. (Front)
 7th and E streets N.W. (NE corner)
 11th and G streets N.W. (SW corner)
 14th and G streets N.W. (SW corner)
 15th and L streets N.W. (NE corner)
 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. (NW corner)
 17th and K streets N.W. (SW corner)
 20th and K streets N.W. (NE corner)
 Connecticut Avenue and Dupont Circle N.W. (SE Corner)
 3222 M St. N.W. (Front)
 4301 Connecticut Ave. N.W. (Front)
 Wisconsin Avenue and Jennifer St. N.W. (NW corner)
 12th Street and Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. (Federal Triangle Metro
 Station -- Front)
 475 L'Enfant Plaza S.W. (Front)
 North Capitol Street and Chillum Place N.E. (SW corner)
 Clark said that the placement of the Metro Mail collection boxes is a "direct response to feedback from customers." He credits the recently formed Postal Customer Advisory Council -- a group composed of customer representatives who meet regularly with postal managers and are included in the decision-making process for improving local postal services -- with providing him with invaluable insight as to what type of service customers want and expect.
 He encourages customers to offer feedback on the new collection boxes through the council. Letters should be sent to:
 Postal Customer Advisory Council
 P.O. Box 7051
 Washington, D.C. 20032-7051
 -0- 8/20/93
 /CONTACT: Roderick Sallay of the U.S. Postal Service, 410-715-0074/

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