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META Group Announces METAmorphosis 1997; Keynote Focus: A Practical Model For Integrating IT With Lines of Business.

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--January 20, 1997--META Group Inc. (NASDAQ: METG) today announced that its annual METAmorphosis conference will take place February 12 -14, in Coronado, California, and February 17 - 19, in Orlando, Florida. The conference, which features presentations from all of META Group's services, will cover a wide range of business and technology issues.

The keynote address will be given by Dale Kutnick, META Group CEO, research director and co-founder, and will focus on models for successfully aligning the IT organization with critical business planning and strategies. This model can help IT work with business units to establish information value, a critical process for determining meaningful priorities and budgets in decentralized business environments.

The conference will include eleven (11) general sessions and twenty-four (24) breakout sessions addressing such issues as data warehousing, Internet and intranet developments and management, sourcing strategies, network applications, application packages and development, electronic commerce, Year 2000 compliance, IT architecture, staffing and compensation requirements.

The conference brings together CIOs, IT executives and managers, strategic planning executives, and IT vendor marketing executives who have come to rely on META Group's industry experts.

"It is business catalysts that will drive IT during the next few years," said Dale Kutnick. "For this reason, this year's METAmorphosis focuses as much on business issues as on IT strategies. It is a `call to arms' in which we will present the case for IT developing a more sophisticated relationship with internal clients that is based on business information and its value."

1997 META Trends

The conference's general sessions are presented by META Group service directors. Each presentation will address and expand upon several of the 1997 META Trends specific to the technology areas covered. META Trends are three-to-five-year forecasts addressing issues, trends, and vendors that will have a major impact on technology decisions.

Creating Highly Adaptive IT Architecture: The accelerating rate of change in business cycles and the difficulty in maintaining equivalent rate of change within information systems is causing many IT organizations to fail. This presentation focuses on key concepts of adaptive IT architectures, seven tests for determining architecture adaptability, and five of the most common mistakes made in developing enterprise architectures.

Larry DeBoever, vice president and service director, Enterprise Architecture Strategies. Mr. DeBoever is an authority on rapid development and deployment of enterprise-wide IT architectural strategies. Enterprise Architecture Strategies is a new service launched in January.

Developing and Valuing an Information Culture: This session is designed to help organizations determine the value of various types of information, a key to determining IT priorities and investment levels. These organizational issues , which frequently set IT up for failure, are often overlooked as organizations focus only on the technology issues.

Karen Rubenstrunk, vice president and service director, META Executive Council. Ms. Rubenstrunk is an authority on IT organizational issues, next-generation decision support systems, and executive information systems.

Delivering Applications for the Customer-Centric Enterprise: Customer management and customer-relationship life cycle systems play a critical role in maintaining an organization's competitive edge. This presentation examines the integration of application development technologies and best practices to leverage stand-alone customer processes into unified applications. It will also incorporate information from a soon-to-be-published data mining survey done by the Application Delivery Strategies service.

Aaron Zornes, executive vice president and service director, Application Delivery Strategies. Mr. Zornes is an authority on object-oriented 4GLs and middleware for enterprise-strength client/server applications, especially second-generation cooperative processing.

Internet Technologies -- The Next Wave of Client/Server: The Internet will continue to impact client, groupware, development and information access technologies. The shift in IT technology necessary to support the demands of the Internet, the impact of the Internet on corporate platform strategies, and the role of mobile computing and consumer electronics are addressed in this session.

David Cearley, vice president, and service director, Workgroup Computing Strategies. Mr. Clearley is an authority on PC, LAN, and intranet markets, product development, management, systems software, architectures, component and object-oriented software models, C/S application architectures, the Internet, and IT organizational development.

Managing into the Millennium: The future of IT is threatened by extreme technology shifts, slow moving tools, and budget constraints. Topics to be addressed in this session include understanding whether to buy or build systems, focusing distributed systems management initiatives on relevant business issues, and developing secure Internet architectures.

Patrick McBride, vice president and service director, Services & Systems Management Strategies. Mr. McBride is an authority on help desk, distributed systems management, IT service management, organizational issues, AI/knowledge- based systems development and technical curriculum development.

Surviving Web-Time Transformation: Re-engineering and regeneration has been triggered in companies facing deregulation, globalization, and new commerce and distribution channels. This session addresses issues such as architecting the convergence of electronic commerce, knowledge, and new media content management; discovering, managing and servicing customers by leveraging emerging technologies; and providing an organizational framework for technologists.

David Yockelson, vice president and service director, Advanced Information Management Strategies. Mr. Yockelson is a leading authority on object technology, new media, collaborative computing, and business transformation.

Client/Fat Server Computing: The client/fat server is emerging as the favored design for distributed data warehousing, complex applications and robust n-tier systems. This program presents key disciplines, do's and don'ts, and product pricing required to manage open technology systems.

Peter Burris, vice president and service director, Open Computing & Service Strategies. Mr. Burris is an authority on downsizing, transaction processing, client/server cost scenarios, and server technologies, including UNIX, S/390, AS/400, and OpenVMS options.

META Group

META Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:METG) is an independent market assessment company that provides research, analysis, and advisory services for information technology developments and trends. Serving more than 1,200 clients worldwide, META Group distinguishes itself with broad service coverage and highly personal service. For more information, visit META Group's World Wide Web site at:

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