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MET-clear musician earplug trainer.

Big Ear, Inc.;;; $224.95.

Big Ear Inc.'s Musician Earplug Trainer, marketed under the name MET-Clear, is a custom fit hearing protection system that is made to fit each musicians' ears, offering full comfort, protection and spatial awareness while playing.

Big Ear's new dual filter system features the normal attenuated filter along with a second non-linear filter. This secondary filter allows clear sound and full spatial awareness, while also protecting the wearer from noise induced hearing damage. The design additionally provides mini orifices so the wearer can slowly block additional sound, if they choose, as they get used to the new hearing protection.

Some of the key features of the MET-Clear are fully custom fit to each individual; dual filter system; non-linear filter with varied "mini-orifices" to train your hearing; 21 decibel attenuated filter and the ability to utilize other standard reduction filters; made from a proprietary soft fit material; and a removable pop-cord.

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Title Annotation:Musical Merchandise
Publication:American Music Teacher
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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