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WE'VE been flooded with messages of good will for our servicemen and women out in the Gulf. Here are some of them.

To Duncan McReynolds, 39, with 29 Commando - Take care. We're missing you. Hope to see you soon. Be safe. Hope you enjoyed your birthday. I'll make a cake when you come home. The boys miss their dad. Love wife Mae and sons Connor, 8, and Gavin, 5.

To Cpl Craig McGeachy, 22, RMP - Wishing you a very happy birthday. Look after yourself son, keep safe and come home soon. Love Mum & Dad, Nicola & Peter, Betty & John and Steven.

To Billy Coutts, 22, the Black Watch - Keep safe pal, hurry home. See you soon. Love from your auntie Sharon, uncle Gary and cousin Gary in Dundee.

To Cpl Robin Grant, 1 Para - Thinking of you every day and so proud of you, stay safe and keep well. Love you Mum & Dad xxxxx.

To L/Cpl Martin Meehan - Proud of you Dad, Natalie xx. Hope to see you soon, Jonathan xx. Love you Daddy, Rachel xx.

To Cpl Douglas Buchanan, Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers - Douglas you are in our thoughts every day, take care. All our love to you and your mates out there with you. Love from Auntie Liz, Granny, all the family especially your mum and wee bro Scott.

To Cpl Jake Baillie, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - We love and miss you loads and can't wait for you to come home. Stay safe and hurry home because Lee misses his play fights. Good luck to all the rest of the boys. Love Yvonne and Lee in Germany.

To L/Cpl Steven Rougvie, the Black Watch - Hi Stevie, we're all thinking about you back home in Leslie. Looking forward to you coming home, so we can all have a good drink at the Prinlaws. Keep your head down. Be safe. Lots of love from all your family and friends.

To Sgt David Corbett, the Black Watch - Hope you are well and taking care of yourself. We're all thinking of you and can't wait till you're home safe. Love you lots.Take care. Love Mum, Dad, Fiona, Anne, Duncan, Peter, Gary, Nicola, Andrew, Jenna and Hayley.

To Cpl Russell Black, the 2BN REME - We are all thinking of you every day. Stocking up the booze pile as you asked for the big party on your return. Ellis can't wait to see the Uncle she has never met. See you soon. Look after yourself. Love Gillian, Simon & Ellis.

To L/Cpl Colin McGeoch, 101sqn, 23rd Pioneer Regiment - We're missing our Saturday rolls. Come home safe and well. Miss you. Love from Mum and Dad.

To Sgt Phil Wilson, 1Co Irish Guards - Hi sweetheart, sending all my love. Missing you, see you soon. Love Mum xxxx.

To Nurse Fiona Wyllie, 225 Highland Field Ambulance (TA) now serving with 5GS Medical Regiment - Hope you are keeping your spirits up. You are in our thoughts. Love and miss you. Mum and Dad.

To Sgt J Winter with the 3BN REME - Thinking of you with love. Hope you will soon be home. Very proud of you son. Love mum.

To Cpl Brian McNally, the Queen's Royal Lancers - Hello from your Mum and Dad. Keep your head down. And remember this time you're not fighting William Wallace! Love Eric and Dorothy.

To 74sqn, 1GS, Royal Logistics Corps - To all the lads out there. Come home safely. We miss you loads. There's a cold drink waiting and Fitzy's wife is paying.

To Cpl Gary Miller, the Black Watch - Thinking of you, take care and be safe. Lots of love Auntie Ann, Uncle Denis, Paul and Barry.

To SAC Scott Cockburn, II Squadron RAF Regiment - Hope it won't be long until you're home safe and well. We don't know where you are in Iraq as your regiment is never mentioned. We pray for you and your fellow soldiers each night and just remember that you are doing a good thing and that you are now classed as a hero. We love you very much take care lots of love from Mum, Dad, Lynsey and Stacey.

To Marine David Caven, 40 Commando - Happy 24th birthday on the 6th of April. We miss you son and we're very proud of you. Good luck to all the troops. Lots of love from Mum and Dad.

Happy birthday. All the best to everyone out there. Love Michael and Claire. Miss you Uncle Dayday. Love Reece.

Happy birthday. Missing you B Bruv Wish you were here. Love You. Take care everyone. Tricia and Garry.

Happy birthday. Keep for head down and your helmet on. Good luck everyone. Nana & Papa.

To Derek Gallagher on HMS Richmond - Come home safe. Love Auntie Anita and Uncle Tam.

To our son L/CPL Martyn Vint, REME and his good pals Guy Russell, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and big Lewis, the Paras - Take care lads, keep safe and come home soon. The beers are on ice back here in Houston. Love Mum Dad and Ross .

Scott Neilson, the Royal Logistics Corps - Too oor big cuz Scott. We are so proud of you, missing you loads and loads. Take care and hope you are home soon. Mum & Dad send their love along with the rest of your family and friends. Luv you lots fae your wee cousins, Claire & Pamela Henney.

To L/Cpl John Shearer, 16 Air Assault Brigade - We love you millions, miss you lots and can't wait till you're back home with us. Take care of yourself. Lots of love Sharon and daugher Charli.

Scott Neilson, the RLC - Hi son, hope you are well. Take extra care of yourself. All doing a great job. Missing you lots. See you soon. Lots of love Mum and Dad.

To my bruv Scott. Missing you lots. Stewart is sending his love and best wishes. You take care and hurry home for a good bevvy with all your loved ones & friends. Luv you loads. Fae your wee sis Jillian.

Sgt Allan Hainey, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - To our uncle Allan. We are very proud of you all and hoping for a speedy return. Miss you loads. Take care. Lots of love Jamie and Nicole in Port Glasgow.

To my brother-in-law and all the troops - You are all in our thoughts day and night. Take care and hurry home. We miss and love you from Margaret and Brian.

To my son-in-law and all the troops - Thinking of you all everyday. Take care and come home soon. Love from Anne.

Private Sean Fitzpatrick, RLC - Love and miss you loads. Don't be a hero, you always have been mine. Hurry home, your wife Donna.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 6, 2003
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