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 WILSONVILLE, Ore., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Mentor Graphics Corp. (NASDAQ: MENT) today unveiled EDGE (Electronic Design Guide for Excellence(SM), the company's new enabling technologies program for high- speed board design. As part of the program, the company also announced the industry's first-in-a-series of high-speed board design kits. The kit, developed for Intel's Pentium(TM) processor, helps increase first- pass system design success for users of Mentor Graphics' Board Station(R) 500 high-speed design product.
 EDGE (Electronic Design Guide for Excellence) is Mentor Graphics' program to partner with the industry's leading semiconductor companies to provide high-speed board design kits for high-performance processor technologies. "In response to growing customer demand for high-speed design solutions, EDGE (Electronic Design Guide for Excellence) will be an ongoing Mentor Graphics program that will provide enabling technologies for high-speed product design. The first of these enabling technologies supports Intel's Pentium processor, an extremely complex chip with very fast clock speeds," said Dr. Russell F. Henke, general manager, Mentor Graphics' PCB Division, San Jose, Calif.
 "The Pentium processor requires special considerations when designing the interconnect, particularly in the areas which affect timing and signal integrity requirements. Interconnect delay, signal distortion, and crosstalk can significantly affect the electrical performance of the circuit. With Board Station 500 and the Pentium processor design kit, designers can manage trade-offs associated with the complexities and speed of the chip within their system, while meeting their performance requirements."
 NCR, one of the early adopters of the Pentium processor, resorted to creating its own electronic data for its first product incorporating the technology. According to Steve TenPas, design engineer, NCR, Clemson, S.C., "If NCR would have had access to Mentor Graphics' Pentium processor-based design kit, we could have saved up to one-half of our product design cycle."
 "By providing design information electronically for Intel's Pentium processor, Mentor Graphics is enabling our customers to reduce system design times and meet competitive market windows," said Jerry Budelman, director of Intel's Xcceleration Tools Group. "We intend to support Mentor Graphics' creation and proliferation of design kits for the Pentium processor and for future processors.
 "The Pentium processor high-speed board design kit supports the design capture, physical layout, thermal and electrical analysis for the Pentium processor chip set, including the 82430 PCIset, 83434LX PCI/Cache/Memory Controller, and 82433LX Local Bus Accelerator.
 It includes logic symbols, mapping files, geometry, and signal integrity I/O models, including the IBIS Signal Model Standard. The kit also includes thermal models, reference layout for the core logic, and electrical rules such as flight and skew timing constraints. These electrical rules are derived from the Intel-developed EZ-Route Layout Guideline Sheets which allow customers to optimize the layout for electrical, thermal and routing requirements. The rules are captured in a technology file which drives the intelligent place and route mechanisms in Mentor Graphics' Board Station 500 timing-driven layout system.
 The Pentium processor high-speed board design kit also includes a multimedia tutorial which walks a customer through a reference design example illustrating how to implement a board using the design kit. The design example is a full schematic and layout for an EISA motherboard which is included in Intel's Open Design Guide.
 Board Station 500 is a complete system for the design and analysis of high-speed printed circuit boards and MCMs. It combines timing constraint-driven layout algorithms, and high-speed analysis capabilities to control and analyze physical effects and maintain signal integrity in systems design.
 Pricing & Availability
 The Pentium processor high-speed board design kit is free of charge and will be available to all Mentor Graphics Board Station 500 customers in the first quarter of 1994.
 Established in 1981, Mentor Graphics Corp. designs, manufactures, markets and distributes electronic design automation (EDA) software and provides professional services supporting its customers' complete design environments. The company is a leader in worldwide EDA sales, with revenues of $340,031,000 over the last reported 12 months. The company currently employs approximately 2,100 people worldwide.
 In addition to its corporate offices, Mentor Graphics has sales and support offices worldwide. The company's headquarters are located at 8005 S.W. Boeckman Rd., Wilsonville, OR 97070-7777. PCB Division headquarters are located at 1001 Ridder Park Dr., San Jose, CA 95131.
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 /CONTACT: Sabina Merrill, Corporate Communications, of Mentor Graphics, 408-451-5649; or Sonia Harrison, Public Relations, of KVO Inc., 503-221-2369, for Mentor Graphics/

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