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MEMs-based magnetic reed sensor.

Coto Technology (North Kingstornw, RI) has announced the world's smallest MEMS-based magnetic reed sensor. The high-performance RedRock RR100 has a number of medical device applications, including portable insulin pumps, capsule endoscopes, next generation hearing aids, insulin pens, medical wearables, and other small, battery-powered medical electronic devices. Features include:

* A package measuring 1.11 [mm.sup.3].

* Directional magnetic sensitivity.

* ESD resistance.

* A robust wafer level package.

* 0 power consumption.

Why Would I specify?

* The RR100 meets the power constraints of battery-operating portable devices and electronics, suiting the needs of emerging medical device applications, including ingestibles and implantables.

* Its small size and directional magnetic sensitivity allows for high-resolution fluid level and position sensing. The directional sensitivity also reduces the risk of false triggers in sensing applications.

* With a closure sensitivity ranging from 10 to 25 milliTesla, operation from up to 20 mm away is possible using a small NdFeB magnet.

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Title Annotation:First Look
Publication:Product Design & Development
Date:Mar 1, 2015
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