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NAME: Seamus McLaughlin


AGE: 23


OCCUPATION: Factory worker

HEIGHT: 5ft 8in

TRANSPORT: My size sevens

Are you an Old Spice man or an Eternity man?

I would have to be an Eternity Man because I am cool, sophisticated and have expensive tastes - only joking! Seriously, I think Eternity smells better than Old Spice.

Describe yourself in five words:

I'm generally a happy person and my first and only love is football - I'm mad about it. I've been told that I am a good listener. But I've also been told that I'm spoilt rotten by my mother. I am game for anything - which is why I'm taking part in Meet Your Match.

How typical are you of your star sign?

I don't believe in astrology - I think we are all masters of our own destiny. I think that people only believe in them when they tell them something good is going to happen in their lives.

But people have said that I have some of the typical characteristics of Aries. I can be a bit stubborn at times and impatient. But I'm also considerate and caring.

Describe your ideal woman in ten words:

I could do that with only two words - Pamela Anderson. Seriously, my ideal woman would be blonde, blue-eyed and slim.

I don't necessarily believe that looks are everything. My ideal woman should be game for a laugh, honest, caring and sincere. Personality is very important.

Share your worst and best chat up lines:

I was on holiday last year with my friends and a few girls who were staying in the same apartment started sending out signals that they were interested in us.

I am not one for letting an opportunity pass me by so I went over to chat to them.

I asked one of the girls if she could give me some toilet roll because we had run out and my friend had bowel problems - she did and ended up going out with me.

It was an original chat-up line but it worked. But I don't think I'll try it again.

Describe your ideal date and what music would be playing in the background:

My ideal date would take place somewhere hot and exotic like the Bahamas. I would be on a luxury yacht with the woman of my dreams watching the sun set and listening to that tune from the movie Titanic which is popular at the moment. Oh, and I would be sipping a long, cool pint of Harp.

Describe your most embarrassing moment:

When I was DJ at a nightclub in Cookstown I got into a bit of trouble with the music deck. The sound went at the end of one of the records. In my rush to get another one on I didn't check the label

I ended up blasting Shawaddywaddy across the club - much to the disgust of the clubbers.

Are you into curry and lager or wine and cheese?

I'm definitely a lager and cheese man.

Describe your happiest moment so far:

My happiest moment so far was when Glasgow Celtic won the Championship - at long last. Some people may think this is sad, but I'm an avid fan and it was a tremendous moment for me.

What has been your life's greatest achievement?

I was interested in becoming a DJ a few years ago and got the chance to perform in a few night-clubs. The best part was when I played with top DJ's like Carl Cox.

Who irons your shirts?

I am a typical Derry man, so I would have to say that all my shirts are ironed by my mother or my sister.

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?

I'm usually clubbing in Earth in Derry or Kelly's in Portrush or maybe at The Strand Bar in Derry. I'm not fussy, I don't really mind as long as the drink is flowing and the music is good.

What was the naughtiest thing you did as a child?

When I was 10 I built a snowman in my front garden with a friend. It was a masterpiece, a great work of art so I was gutted when someone sneaked into the garden and destroyed it.

I found out who was responsible and attacked him with a shovel. He ended up with a nasty cut on forehead. I think it's time to apologise so, I'm really sorry Joe!

Name your favourite book and film:

I don't read many books but I enjoyed The Day of the Jackal by Fredrick Forsythe. My favourite film is In the Name of the Father.

If you could be famous who would you be and why?

I'm perfectly happy - there's no-one I'd like to be apart from next Saturday's Lottery jackpot winner or maybe Pele who was a great footballer.

If a woman made the first move how would you react?

I'm not old fashioned so I would be more than happy if a woman made the first move.

I'd probably say: I'm your man, what are you drinking? Mine is a pint of Harp.

If you would like to meet Seamus, write to us and convince us you are his ideal date. OR if you would rather star in MEET YOUR MATCH, contact us at

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Date:Jul 12, 1998
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