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Byline: Keith McLeod Exclusive

A GRIEVING mum plans to sue a hospital after discovering her dead baby had his brain removed.

Little Paul Robertson had a small surgical sample taken from his brain - then the rest of it was disposed of as "surgical waste".

He died aged just 10 and a half weeks, a victim of cot death.

The tot was buried by his heartbroken family, who had no idea that his brain had been removed.

Mum Michelle, 36, only found out by chance more than nine years after her son's death.

Now she and Paul's dad Graham, also 36, are seeking compensation from Glasgow's Yorkhill Hospital.

They claim they have still not been told by hospital bosses why Paul's brain was removed.

Michelle, of Milton, who has four other children, said: "Paul died in December 1992 and the family was devastated.

"Naturally, we had tried to put the pain behind us.

"Earlier this year, though, we requested details of the post-mortem and that was when we found out the truth.

"It has just flattened us again. We look back at the funeral and still cannot quite believe that Paul's brain had been removed."

The family are planning a civil action through the High Court.

Yorkhill NHS Trust last night declined to comment.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 17, 2002
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