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MDAP/MAIS program manager changes.

With the assistance of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense AT&L magazine publishes the names of incoming and outgoing program managers for major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs) and major automated information system (MAIS) programs. This announcement will list all such changes of leadership, for both civilian and military program managers.

For June-October 2012


Col. Terrence L. Howard relieved Col. Warren N. O'Donell as project manager for Cruise Missile Defense Systems in June.

Col. Jeffery E. Hager relieved Col. Shane T. Openshaw as project manager for APACHE Attack Helicopter in July.

Col. William R. Wygal relieved Col. John Zavarelli as project manager for JTRS Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit in July.

Col. Michael J. Thurston relieved Col. Thomas Olsen as project manager for Joint Battle Command-Platform in July.

Col. James S. Romero relieved Col. Michael Cavalier as project manager for Joint Attack Munition Systems in July.

Col. Michael E. Sloan relieved Col. Stephanie Foster as project manager for Soldier Sensors and Lasers in August.

Col. John Cavedo, Jr. relieved Col. David G. Bassett as project manager for Tactical Vehicles in October.

Marine Corps

Col. Rey Masinsin relieved Capt. Patrick Costello as the program manager for Common Aviation Command and Control System (CAC2S) in August.


Capt. David Goggins relieved Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley as the new program manager for VIRGINIA Class Submarine Program (PMS 450) in June.

Capt. William Brougham relieved Capt. David Bishop as the program manager for OHIO Replacement Program (PMS 397) in July.

Capt. Darren Plath was selected as the program manager for LPD 17 Class Amphibious Program (PMS 317) in August.

Capt. Douglas Oglesby was selected as the program manager for the CVN 79 Program Office (PMS 379) in August.

Capt. Joseph Reason was selected as the program manager for the Command & Control Program (IWS 6.0) in August.

Capt. Andrew Williams relieved Capt. Scott Krambeck as the program manager for the Joint Tactical Radio System, Multifunctional Information Distribution System (JTRS MI DS) in September.

Capt. Leon Bacon relieved Capt. Andrew Hartigan as the program manager for the Naval Undergraduate Flight Training Systems Program (PMA 273) in September.

Air Force

Col. Patrick C. Burke relieved Col. Albert J. Anderson as program manager of the Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) in June.

Col. Mark A. Baird relieved Col Arnold H. Streland as program manager for the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Mission System Increment 2 (JMS Inc 2) and the Space Based Space Surveillance Block 10 (SBSS Blk 10) in July.

Maj. Gen. John F. Thompson relieved Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan as program manager of the KC-46 in July.

Col. Rodney L. Miller relieved Col. Michael D. Sarchet as program manager for the Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) in July.

Lt. Col. Kyle A. Reybitz relieved It. Col. Christopher Greene as program manager of the Air and Space Operations Center Weapon System Increment 10.2 (AOC WS Inc 10.2) in July.

Lt. Col. Brian A. Henson relieved It. Col. Jeffrey E. Gates as program manager of the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) in July.

Mr. David C. Garofoli relieved Col. Brian Parker as program manager of the Defense Enterprise Accounting & Management System Increment 1 (DEAMS Ind) in July.

Lt. Col. Michael D. Harm relieved Col. David W. Hiltz as program manager of the Multi-Platform Radar Tech Insertion Program (MP-RTIP) in July.

Lt. Col. Jennifer M. Krolikowski relieved Mr. John F. Dobbins as program manager for the ITS Base Information Transport Infrastructure (ITS BITI) and Information Transport Systems Increment II (2GWLAN) in August.

Col. Carlin R. Heimann relieved Col. Karl M. Rozelsky as program manager for the Global Hawk Program in August.

Col. Shaun R. Stuger relieved Col. Brian E. Fredriksson as program manager for the Space Fence Program in October.

Col. Norman J. Leonard relieved Col. Jimmie D. Schuman, Jr. as program manager for the National Airspace System (NAS) in October.
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